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Old Wednesday, May 12, 2010
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Default Marks in FSP

@ Flavia and Nightmare

I stand with my previous stand that 700 marks are enough to get allocated for FSP. However, this is not the sole criteria.

I do remember that a friend of mine from Sindh-R was allocated in PSP for just 612 marks couple of years ago. Similiarly, another friend of mine from Sindh-U got FSP for just 630 marks last year.

The case of other provinces and especially Punjub is altogether different. In Punjub, candidates securing 700 marks still fall into income tax anu audit.

Therefore, it is my personal observation that 700 marks are sufficient to get FSP. Candidates aspiring for FSP must have this target in mind otherwise..............

Hope u got my point.


Zahid Iqbal
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