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I was fifth to go. It was hardly a thirty minute interview. I can listen my name being heard by Sir Chairman. I entered the room asked for permission from Sir Chairman and before I utter further Sir Chairman gestured towards the chair smilingly, as I seated down.

Sir Chairman:- Muhammad Ali you belong to Sargodha, you did Law and than you did Masters in Political Science, you have also cleared css exam earlier but you were low in merit…….. (Seemingly easier task, I just keep on listening and saying ‘Sir’ like an obedient soldier )
Sir Chairman:- Are you doing Practice?
Me:- Sir i m tax and corporate lawyer and my major area are related to income tax and sales tax, apart from that I also used to appear before the appellate tribunal, FTO and before High Court.

Sir Chairman:- How you performed this time in the written part of exam?
Me:- Sir relatively better as I was aware last time when I cleared the written part of exam that I would be scoring low and that is what happened.
Sir Chairman:- What you have learnt from History of USA?
Me:- Sir I have learnt to be patriotic, passion to achieve the success and one must be purposeful to fulfill the objectives.

Sir Chairman:- What is the forum which is being availed when two independent states entered into disputes?
Me:- Thought for a while and replied ICJ, that’s right, Sir Chairman twinkled his eye towards me.
Sir Chairman:- Who is the mother of Europe?
Me:- Sir I don’t know.
Sir Chairman:- What is ASEAN?
Me:- Told .

Sir Chairman:- Mr Muhammad Ali you have written National Judicial Policy as a long term policy by the government, infact it is not the policy by the government but it is the policy which is made by the Supreme Court CJ and the CJ’s of four provinces.
Me:- Right sir!

Sir Chairman:- You have also written appointment of Judges by the PM of Pakistan as short term policy how it can be a short term?
Me:- Sir infact there was a collision between the judiciary and the government on the appointment of judges and that was resolved by the timely intervention of Prime Minister, so the urgency was to appoint the judges and to minimize the clash between the government and judiciary.
Sir Chairman:- What is SAARC?
Me:- given a brief outline on SAARC.
Sir Chairman:- What is Judicial Activism?
Me:- Sir When the judges and court do not follow the precedents in its strict sense and they come up with such decisions which are according to their rationale, circumstances and facts and figure, they do act and decide accordingly.

Sir Chairman:- You have mentioned JusticŪ Amir Alam Khan in reference form, how you know him?
Me:- Sir I started my practice by joining JusticŪ Amir Alam Khan and Associates and I greatly enjoyed my stay with the association, but after a while I left and started practice independently.

Sir Asif Shah:- You have mentioned “The Indus saga and the making of Pakistan” as your favorite book? What is specialty in that?
Me:- Sir in this book the writer has shown patriotism. He has stressed that Pakistan and Indian are distanced apart historically, geographically and culturally. The civilization of the Indus system shows that they can never be merge. The independent Pakistan was inevitable. Sir the writer has also negated the thinking of few writers who questioned the existence and those war mongers who talk in negative sense.

Sir Asif Shah:- What is the importance of Gawadar Port?
Sir Asif Shah:- What do you know about the geographical importance of Pakistan?

Sir Saud Gauhar:- What is the law which protects our nature?
Me:- Sir, Environmental Law.
Sir Saud Gauhar:- What are the poisonous gases emitted during burning of polyethene bags, how they can harm environment?
Me:- Sir the poisionous gases are carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, they pollute the environment, the drainage system, and soil system can also be effected to a great extent.

Sir Saud Gauhar:- What is difference between Decentralization and Devolution?
Me:- In decentralization powers are devolved to the centres, where as devoloution ensures that powers are transferred to the grass root level.

Sir Sohail Safdar:- What are the civilzations named after river?
Me:- Sir, Indus River, along the river Euphrates and Yellow river in china.
Sir Sohail Safdar:- Who was Martin Luther King?
Me:- A civil right activist, who fought hard for the rights of black people. His speech “ I have a dream” is one of the finest speeches made in the history of USA.
Sir Sohail Safdar:- Who assassinated Martin Luther King?
Me:- Sir I don’t know.

Sir Chairman: Thank You.
Me:- Thank you sir!
Sweat in peace will lessen the blood in war.
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