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Default Hints for Group Discussions

Due to request from many members, I am creating a separate thread for hints regarding the group discussions and interviews. I cleared the whole SBOTS-15 process of SBP! The topic I received was "Role of internet and its influence on our society". My friend appeared in another group, his topic was "Taxes and their importance in an economy". Moreover, the group that immediately followed my group received the topic "Brain drain in Pakistan". I recently appeared in NBP's GD too and ALHAMDULILAH cleared it too. The topic at NBP was the toughest I ever faced: "Equality in our society - A dream". Almost half of the candidates were dumbstruck! Most of my group mates spoke only 2 sentences. I tried to stay in-between and didn't speak in favor or against of the topic. Moderation is a SAFE tool for everyone!

(All of the following points are my personal experiences. ALHAMDULILAH, I've aced all the group discussions I've been through.)
  • A group discussion is a polite and formal conversation with other candidates. Recall any moment in your life when you had to talk to totally unknown people (say, at any party or during bus/train/airplane travel). Its very much how you can interact with different people while handling your nerves.
  • Group discussions are monitored / observed. In SBP's case, a panel of 4-5 members monitors them.
  • Please stay calm! That's the key point to success in any group discussion.
  • You'll be provided with a pencil and writing pad and approx. 5-10 minutes will be given to your group (usually comprises of 5-6 candidates) to jot down points.
  • Make the most of given time by noting down the most important points, try to give reference to any recent development related to the topic.
  • Try to take the lead once the observer(s) give you the signal to start. The first speaker gets the maximum talk-time. Taking the lead gives a clue to the observers/monitors that you have leadership skills....but dont start just for the sake of being the first candidate to speak! Take the lead only if you are confident enough! I've seen many people doing this and ending up failing the GD stage.
  • Please be clear&precise and refrain from using complex sentences. Simple sentences will help you in conveying your idea.
  • Please refrain from political and religious comments; they usually result in "conflict" instead of "healthy discussion" amongst candidates.
  • Don’t interrupt any candidate. Let them complete and then continue.
  • Be polite! If you want to disagree with someone's viewpoint, try to figure out some polite refusal statements.
  • Last but not the least, there's no shortcut to success. Practice as much as you can by trying to discuss various issues amongst your friends.

If anyone needs any kind of help regarding group discussion and interviews, please contact me at my e-mail address.

Muhammad Fahad Khan
"To err is human, to forgive is divine" - Alexander Pope

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