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Default If winter comes, can a spring be far behind

This is my first attempt, kindly check and correct my expansion.
It is especially requested to rishzzz to give his comments.

Nature has unraveled before us the secrets of life.Day after night, sunshine after rain, silence after storm, summer after winter is no different from joy after gloom, success after failure, luxury after misery and liberty after slavery.Evolution of mankind has resulted from fighting against the odds.Farmer toils under the scorching sun to get a lucrative yield, even an ant searches for food all day before finally returning to home, complying with the nature's principle.The period of struggle is always tough but is soon replaced with the period of comfort.It is for this reason that the war torn nation of Jpan rose out of shambles and become an economic power.Clouds of bad times also prevailed over her like a curse, but with sheer determination and resolution of character, the nation turned the tide and the clouds of darkness drifted away.Even now mankind is facing the worst kind of winter, in the form of natural disasters, terrorism, sectarianism, racism, poverty, crimes, war, corruption and the dark clouds have once again surrounded the mankind with pessimism and depression.But the wheel of nature is continuously turning and the scene will soon change, marked by prosperity, peace and happiness.
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