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Originally Posted by Khuram
The suggested book for Muslim Philosophy is "History of Muslim Philosophy" -- by M.M. Shrif.. This is very heavy multi volume book...

For Alama Iqbal, you should consult original "Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam".

Similarly the main aspects of Western Philosophy syllabus are mostly covered in "History of Philosophy" -- compiled by Radha Krishin .. (former Indian President) ... this is single volume .. but heavy book..

You can consult these books... but for the purpose of exam... the Urdu books, which I suggested through PMs would prove better..

First of all these Urdu books are not substandard books... secondly all the syllabus is covered in the selected sections of all these books.. Thirdly may be you even not able to fully read the HEAVY English books... Radha Kirishin's book is difficult to read... Many otherwise just simple concepts have been presented in undue complicated manner in this book..

Complete MM Shrif's book is available online also... I think Muhammad Kazim's book (he was former GM WAPDA) "Muslim Fiker-o-Falsafa -- Ehd ba Ehd" is an excellent urdu summery of M.M. Shrif's book.

You can familiarize yourself with the English terminology of Philosophy just by consulting philosophy related articles of Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia and

All the syllabus however is well covered in those urdu books...

Again thank you so much. Telling you the truth, I have not opted for PHILOSOPHY in my optionals. I have asked you the books regarding CSS because I'm keen to know philosophy the way it's taught to philosophy students. I mean like PHYSICS, we study in MATRIC, FSc, bachelors etc, we know how to study it. That's why I asked for the exams, otherwise PHILOSOPHY is not in my optionals, so kindly suggest me BOOKS BY ENGLISH AUTHORS for PHILOSOPHY(preferably FOREIGN AUTHORS) who give a good detailed of basics of philosophy, its modern trends etc.

Regarding philosophy, I am quoting an itneresting line you ll like. I read this line in "SOPHIE'S WORLD" by Jostein Gaader:-
"Philosophy is something that can't be learnt, but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically."

Would be thankful to you so much!
God bless.
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