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Originally Posted by proem
Again thank you so much. Telling you the truth, I have not opted for PHILOSOPHY in my optionals. I have asked you the books regarding CSS because I'm keen to know philosophy the way it's taught to philosophy students. I mean like PHYSICS, we study in MATRIC, FSc, bachelors etc, we know how to study it. That's why I asked for the exams, otherwise PHILOSOPHY is not in my optionals, so kindly suggest me BOOKS BY ENGLISH AUTHORS for PHILOSOPHY(preferably FOREIGN AUTHORS) who give a good detailed of basics of philosophy, its modern trends etc.

Regarding philosophy, I am quoting an itneresting line you ll like. I read this line in "SOPHIE'S WORLD" by Jostein Gaader:-
"Philosophy is something that can't be learnt, but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically."

Would be thankful to you so much!
God bless.

"SOPHIE'S WORLD" is actually English Translation of original Novegian book "SOPHIE'S VERDEN".. by Jostein Garder..

This novel is excellent starting point for the study of philosophy.

Philosophy books can be broadly classified in two main categories.. (i) Books that intent to present new points of views/ new philosopies etc.. like books witten by such writers/ philosophers as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Ibn-e-Sina, John Locke, Devid Hume, Barkeley, Heiddeger, Sartre, Hegel, Marx, William James, etc. etc.. and (ii) Books that intent to introduce, in summerized way, the works of above mentioned original philosophers... Bertrend Russell, Will Durant, W.T. Steas etc. are good writers in this category.. though Russell often gives his personal points of views/ opinions etc. also. You can include M.M. Sharif's "History of Muslim Philosophy" and Radha Kirishin's "History of Philosophy" as well as all those Urdu books... also in this second category.

Academic philosophy is concerned with second type of books only. offers information about latest trends in philosophical thought..

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