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Default Study Plan of Islamic History & Culture

Hello aspirants,

This has been my strategy to prepare a study plan before studying any subject. I shall upload each study plan of my optional subjects in their relevant threads. Let me elaborate a little what this plan contains and what is its basis.

Study Plan is actually an in-depth analysis of Past papers of the subject. Based on these, the subject has been divided into areas which are recurring and most important from the examination point of view. Thus, if you keep this Study Plan before you, it may obviate the need for referring to subjective part of the past papers as it contains all questions from 2000 onwards.

I want reiterate that its my own analysis and it has so far proved very helpful in my preparation. Hence, the only purpose behind sharing them is helping other aspirants.

The mods may at their discretion make this thread sticky for aspirants to benefit from it.
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