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Originally Posted by Tassawur View Post
How to write impressive English?

It is wrong to think that one can write impressive English by memorizing a few rules of grammar. There is never a greater delusion. The secret of good writing does not lie in grammar but in habit of clear thinking and expression.

Mathew Arnold has put it very beautifully
"Have something to say, and say it as clearly as possible".
Thus the very first ladder for writing good English is to be definite and clear in your mind about what you are going to say.

Secondly, in order to improve your English one must keep on writing, for it is practice alone that makes perfection. The habit of keeping diary is very helpful in building up one's personality and power of expression.

Thirdly, most of the people labor under the misunderstanding that the only English worth writing is the English overloaded with difficult words and phrases. One should specially guard against difficult and out of way expressions. Prefer the familiar words to far fetched, concrete words to the abstract, single word to the circumlocution”.

The Panacea for writing impressive English is a good deal of useful reading must be done. To write impressively a full mind is needed and reading is one of the best ways to make the mind full. Thought and imagination go hand in hand with profitable reading. Masterpieces are destined to remain masterpiece and are built to last forever. So, they should be preferred to second rate books. In fact a man reads all books in library and can remain utterly illiterate, but if one reads ten pages of a good book with accuracy, one is far evermore an educated person”.

So if these simple directions are followed, writing impressive English remains no more an uphill task.
dear brother, if i am not wrong these are the wordings of "syed Saadat ali shah"...!
Well done

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