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Gulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really nice

Q.Do atoms break when we break something ?

Ans.An atom is made up of nucleus in the center with all electrons on the outside.It's relatively easy to break electrons off the outside of an an atom and sometimes when you break a material you can rip off some of the electrons on one side and not the other.This is the reason why,If you crush things like sugar,sometimes you build up more charge on one side than the other and you get sparks going back again and so you'll get little flashes inside the sugar.but the actual nuclei of the atoms don't break at all when you do any thing like that.You need to do some thing more violent to it,Involving a nuclear reactor or radiation some thing far bigger and more violent than that.

Q.Are falling bullets dangerous ?

Ans.Yes certainly they will be.bullet is given a degree of energy by the gun and that bullet will convert that energy as it goes up into the air,Into gravitational potential energy and It will slow down in the process.but then It's got enormous amount of potential energy.It will then fall back down to the earth and there will be some losses because the bullet is interacting with the air which will have frictional effects,and slow it down a little bit.But at the same time It will end up coming back to the ground,Because bullets are pretty streamlined.At almost the same speed it left the gun.So it will come cannoning down into your head if you are underneath It,At the same speed it left the gun.You're effectively being shot from above.

Q.can we extract energy from cold ?

Ans.You cant gain energy directly from cold.But what you can do is get a lot of energy by moving heat from from somewhere which is warm to somewhere which is cold.And that's essentially what a steam engine does or a car engine,Any of the heat engine work like that.However the colder you get that cold into the system,the more efficient the process is.So If that cold end is absolute zero,Then if you move a Kilojoule of energy from some thing warm to there,Then you have got a Kilojoule of useful work out of that.If its hotter then that,then It gets lot less.So once you collect energy from cold directly,You can get a lot of energy by transferring heat to some where very cold.
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