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Originally Posted by Noman View Post
So, at last, finally........ we should not be hopefull for the age relaxation in the upper limit.........

Establishment Division did what it can do.......... now it seems that the only way left now to solve the issue is by a request from some political leader close to prime minister or president on this matter.

If some members have a political background... they should raise this issue at that platform and perhaps this way many others will be benefited.

assalam alaekum! with due respect to all the aspirants regarding the age relaxation:
i think the rule regarding age is quite feasible, because the science proves it that as the age increases the ability to read, learn, and to be vibrant in affairs diminishes. As it is a competitive examination, i think it is best suited at the competitive age which is already in practice, and it gives a hefty amount of service to any individual coming into this service who retires at the age of 60. the more u provide the upper age limit, the lesser u r giving him time to serve his nation at his fullest.

Haseeb Jatoi
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