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Default Top 44 Rich people of Pakistan

1 - Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha Pakistan

Ranking: 1
Worth: £1.25b
($2.5billion) Industry: Businessman

Mansha has around 40 companies on board.
Mansha, who owns the Muslim Commercial Bank is also setting up a $ 17m paper
mill. He is one of the richest Pakistanis around. Nishat Group was country's
15th richest family in 1970, 6th in 1990 and Number 1 in 1997. Mansha is on
the board of nearly 50 companies. He is deemed to have made investments in
many bourses, currency and metal exchanges both within and outside Pakistan.
He could have bought the United Bank too, but then who doesn't have
adversaries. Nishat Group comprises of textiles, cement, leasing, insurance
and management companies. If Mansha was bitten by Bhutto's nationalization
stint of 1970, his friends think he was compensated by Nawaz Sharif's
denationalization programme to a very good effect. There is no stopping
Mansha and he is still on the move.

Nishat group assets are $4.4Billion. He is
sometimes even regarded as the richest Pakistani around by his friends
claiming he does not 'show it off'.

2 - Asif Ali Zardari Pakistan

Ranking: 2
Worth: £900m ($1.8billion)
Industry: Politics

Asif Zardari dubbed 'Mr 10%' an unknown
happy-go-lucky son of a small-time businessman who struck gold by marrying
one of the worlds most glamorous women Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Benzair Bhutto. Taking advantage of his wife's authority he is known to have
taken kickbacks from many deals inside and outside of Pakistan. The most
famous was a $4 billion deal to buy 32 Mirage jets from the French company
Dassault. Documents, which include letters from Dassault executives,
indicate an agreement was reached to pay a 5% 'remuneration' - about $200m -
to Marleton Business, a BVI company controlled by Zardari. Besides these
many more kickback deals were taken with companies such as ARY Gold, Société
Général de Surveillance (SGS), Cotecna, and ZPC Ursus, a Polish tractor

Zardari assets holding amount into hundreds
of millions of dollars easily, Having 8 prime properties in the UK, of which
once is the famous Rockwood Estate 365 acres in Surrey, worth £4.35m has now
been sold and money sent back to the Govt. of Pakistan. Also 14
multi-million dollar mansions in the USA, including owning Holiday Inn hotel
Houston, Texas Owned by 'Mr 10%' and Iqbal Memon and Sadar-ud-Din Hashwani.

They (Zardari and B.Bhutto) also have huge
business ventures in the Middle East running into hundreds of millions if
not billion mark. Mr Zardari also has huge stakes in sugar mills all over
Pakistan,which include: Sakrand Sugar Mills, Nawabshah, Ansari Sugar Mills,
Hyderabad, Mirza Sugar Mills, Badin, Pangrio Sugar Mills, Thatta and Bachani
Sugar Mills, Sanghar.

3 - Sir Anwar Pervaiz

Ranking: 3
Worth: £750m ($1.5billion)
Industry: Businessman

Chairman of Bestway Group. The Bestway Group
started in 1976 with its first Bestway cash and carry warehouse opened in
London. Today the have in total around 50 Cash and Carry's. Including their
recent takeover of rival group Batleys for around £100m. Bestway Group
ventured into Pakistan's huge the cement business in 1995 and set up cement
manufacturing plant in Pakistan at a cost of $120 million.

Taking Advantage of Pakistan growing economy
they also acquired a 25.5% stake in United Bank Limited in 2002. Today, the
Bestway Group has interests in cash & carry wholesale, property investments,
retail outlets, milling of rice, lentils and pulses, cement production and
more recently into banking. The group's total sales amounted to in excess of
£ 2 billion. The group provides direct employment to thousands in the UK and
Pakistan. The have many interests in Pakistan too. Sir Anwar Pervaiz and his
his partners sheer hard work has bought them to outstanding international
levels, which definitely makes him an ideal role model for many young
Pakistanis today. He still on the move!

4 - Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif family
Saudi Arabia/Pakistan

Ranking: 4
Worth: £700m ($1.4billion)
Industry: Politics/Businessma n

Mr Sharif Businessman turned politician the
former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was ousted in a military coup in 1999
and was forced to forfeit $9million dollars and some of his assets including
his $5m Mansion is Raiwind near Lahore. Before becoming PM he was a major
share holder along with his brother and cousins of Ittefaq Group, having
assets well in excess of £50m in the 90's.
Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was twice elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan, serving two non-consecutive terms, the first from November 1, 1990 to July 18, 1993 and the second from February 17, 1997 to October 12, 1999. His party is the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (Nawaz group). He is best known internationally for ordering Pakistan's 1998 nuclear tests in response to India's nuclear tests, and the abrupt end of his final term in a dramatic coup by General Pervez Musharraf. Nawaz Sharif is currently an opposition leader and a strong supporter of the free judiciary movement in Pakistan. On Sunday, March 15, 2009, he defied house arrest to lead anti-government protests that briefly turned violent. Sharif called the mass rally a "prelude to a revolution."

5 - Saddaruddin Hashwani Pakistan

Ranking: 5
Worth: £550m ($1.1billion)
Industry: Businessman, Hotel Tycoon

Saddaruddin Hashwani is Chairman Hashoo
Group is known for his dominance in Pakistan's hotel industry, though
Hashwanis are have huge strength in real estate business too. Hashwanis are
involved in trading of cotton, grain and steel and till the nationalization
of cotton export in 1974, they were widely being dubbed as the Cotton Kings
of Pakistan. Today, this group has excelled in export of rice, wheat, cotton
and barley. It owns textile units, besides having invested billions in
mines, minerals. hotels, insurance, batteries, tobacco, residential
properties, construction, engineering and information technology. In 1984,
Hashwani defeated the Lakhanis in the bid for Premier Tobacco but was
arrested along with his brother Akbar in 1986 for allegedly evading customs
duty on cigarettes. Sadarduddin' s brother Akbar and the children of another
late brother Hassan Ali Hashwani together manage around 45 companies. Akbar
runs the second Hashwani Group. He is one of the most well-known magnates in
Pakistan who is a regular invitee at the Diplomatic Enclave. The list of
local and international bigwigs known personally to Hashwani is unending.

6 - Nasir Schon & family

Ranking: 6 (tieded at 6)
Worth: £500m
($1billion) Industry: Businessman

Nasir Schon is a prominent business leader
of Pakistan and the CEO of Schon Group. Nasir Schon is the son of Captain
Ather Schon Hussain, an ex-pilot of PIA. The Schon family is one of the few
striving Muhajir Urdu business families in Pakistan. Starting off in
Singapore in 1982, the peek of Schon group was in 1995 when they owned
National Fibres, Schon Bank, Schon Textiles and Pak-China Fertizilers.
Famous for the trend-setting roundabout, Schon Circle, Nasir Schon is also
known to be one of the first people to have a Rolls-Royce in Pakistan.
Directors of Schon group flew to Dubai in 1997 in exile after the dismissal
of ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The directors of Schon group were known
to have close contacts with the husband of former Prime Minister, Asif
Zardari. Many assets of the Schon group were auctioned by the Nawaz Sharif
government. Schon Group is the only group in Pakistan who has paid the
government over 3 billion rupees ($65m) in order to return from exile.
Living in Dubai gave Nasir Schon an opportunity to start businesses there.
Currently working on an $830 million real estate project known as Dubai
lagoon, Schon group is also fighting to get back the assets they once lost.
Currently, the Schon group operates a pilot training center in Pakistan
known as Schon Air.

7 - Abdul Razzaq Yakoub & family

Ranking: 6 (tied at 6)
Worth: £500m
($1billion) Industry: Businessman

Mr Yakoub is a prominent Pakistani
expatriate businessman based in Dubai. He is the president ARY group
($1.5Billion turnover) and World Memon Organization (WMO). He is one of
Pakistan's biggest media barons controlling around 7 channels. Besides this
he has a huge property holdings in Karachi, Islamabad and Dubai amounting to
over $200m. He is major in the gold market also having around 20 outlets in
Asia. He has also been involved in paying Asif Zardari $5m in 1990's for
allowing him to import/export gold. Which he denies and claim's is
government forgeries.

8 - Rafiq Habib & Rasheed Habib Pakistan

Ranking: 7
Worth: £450m ($900) Industry:

Legend has it that the Goddess of Wealth has
been in love with the seasoned Habibs more than anybody else in Pakistan.
Most pundits believe that Habibs own at least 100 companies throughout the
world, but these content mega-tycoons never boast off, something which has
made it uphill for most to predict about their financial standing. This
industrial group was founded by Seth Habib Mitha, born in 1878 to Esmail
Ali-a factory owner in Bombay. The financial strength of the Habibs can be
gauged from the fact that Muhammad Ali Habib gave a cheque of Rs 80 million
to Quaid-e-Azam in 1948 at a time when Pakistan government was penniless
owing to delay in transfer of Pakistan's share of Rs. 750 million by the
Reserve Bank of India. They had offices in Europe in 1912. They incorporated
the Habib Bank in 1941. They own the Habib Bank A.G Zurich, Bank Al-Habib,
Indus Motors assembling Corolla cars and many dozens of units in sectors
such as jute, paper sack, minerals, steel, tiles, synthetics sugar, glass,
construction, concrete, farm autos, banking, oil, computers, music, paper,
packages, leasing and capital management. Habibs today are headed by Rafiq
Habib and Rashid Habib in two distinct groups. What makes them extremely
influential players of all times is the fact that for dozens of top
businessmen today, Habib were a myth once.

9 - Tariq Saigol & Nasim Saigol Pakistan

Ranking: 8
Worth: £425m ($850) Industry:

Hailing from Jhelum. The pioneer of the
Saigol dynasty in 1890 was Amin Saigol who established a shoe shop that
eventually transformed into Kohinoor Rubber Works. And then times saw them
shining literally like the Kohinoor until their progress was halted by
Nationalization in which they lost two-thirds of their wealth. Saigols got
trifurcated in 1976 and 15 descendents of Amin Saigols four sons got a
share. The name of the Saigols has been used in this part of the world as
similes describing quantum of wealth. Yousaf Saigol, along with his brothers
Sayeed Saigol, Bashir Saigol and Gul Saigol then nourished an excellent
crop. In 1948, Saigols established the Kohinoor Textile Mills with a cost of
Rs 8 million and this group happens to be the first to open an LC with the
State Bank of Pakistan. They bought the United Bank in 1959 and then
witnessed five of their units getting nationalized. They lived in Saudi
Arabia during the Bhutto regime. Today, cousins Tariq and Nasim are holding
the family's fort together and have risen to unprecedented heights in
individual capacities. NAB did haunt Nasim but Tariq spent more time either
accepting or refusing prized slots everywhere. Tariq is the one of the
finest business brains around.

10 - Dewan Yousaf Farooqui Pakistan

Ranking: 9 (tied at 9)
Worth: £400m ($800)
Industry: Businessman

Mr Farooqui. The mentor of this group has
been the Sindh Minister for Local Bodies. Industries, Labour, Transport,
Mines & Minerals. Dewan Mushtaq Group is one of the Pakistan's largest
industrial conglomerates in sectors like polyester acrylic fiber,
manufacturing and automotives. Six of their companies are listed at the
Karachi & stock Exchange and one at the Luxembourg bourse. Dewan Farooqui
Motors assembles around 10,000 cars annually under technical license
agreement with Hyundai and Kia Motors of Korea. The Dewan Salman Fiber is
the pride of this empire as it ranks 11th in the world in total production
capacity. The group owns three textile units, a motorcycle manufacturing
concern and the largest sugar unit in the country. Dewans also have business
interests in India. They possess dozens of millions of shares of Saudi
Cement and Pak land Cement. They also have the franchise licence for BMW in
Pakistan and now Rolls Royce showrooms.

11 - Sultan Ali Lakhani & family Pakistan

Ranking: 9 (tied at 9)
Worth: £400m ($800)
Industry: Businessman

The Lakhanis are currently having a hard
time at the hands of NAB. Sultan Lakhani and his three brothers run this
prestigious group and the chain of McDonald's restaurants in Pakistan. NAB
has alleged the Lakhanis of having created phoney companies through
worthless directors and raised massive loans from various banks and
financial institutions. Sultan is currently abroad after having served a
jail term with younger sibling Amin, though the latter was released much
earlier. NAB had reportedly demanded Rs 7 billion from Lakhanis, but later
agreed they pay only Rs 1.5 billion over a 10-year period. Lakhanis, like
their arch-rivals Hashwanis, are the most well-known of all Ismaeli tycoons.
Their stakes range from media, tobacco, paper, chemicals and surgical
equipment to cotton, packaging, insurance, detergents and other house-hold
items, many of which are joint ventures with leading international
conglomerates. Though Lakhanis are in turbulent waters currently, the
success that greeted them during the last 25 years especially has been
tremendous. They have rifts with large business empires despite being known
fur their genteel nature. Whether it is any government in Sindh or at the
Federal level, Lakhanis have had trusted friends everywhere, though the
present era has proved a painful exception.

12 - Malik Riaz Hussain Pakistan (Bahria Town Fame)

Ranking: 9 (tied at 9)
Worth: £400m ($800)
Industry: Businessman

Malik Riaz Hussain heads the massive project
which is currently developing state-of-the- art schemes in Lahore, Karachi
and Rawalpindi/Islamaba d. Emerging out of the blue, this developer has
reportedly developed tremendous connections where it matters in Pakistan-One
of the few reasons why his constructed projects get completed in time
without hindrance. Whether he has gifted bungalows free of cost of country's
bigwigs or offered them at highly concessional rates, the reality on the
ground is that Malik has managed to mesmerize most through his generous
wallet. His land-holdings both within and outside Pakistan amounts to nearly
a billion dollar. He is the man behind the Bahria Town. Irrespective of who
is in power; he continues to build house after house-swelling his wealth. He
is also the first man to drive a Bentley car on Pakistani soil.

13 - Sheikh Abid Hussain alias Seth Abid

Ranking: 10
Worth: £390m ($780) Industry:

Sheikh Abid Hussain alias Seth Abid. He is
one of the most resourceful developers/builders in the country owning vast
stretches of land in major cities. On this land worth many billion of
rupees, Seth has constructed residential schemes under the brand name of
'Green Fort.' Seth came into this business after decades of notoriety as
being one of the spearheads in cross-border smuggling. While many remember
Seth for his allegedly illegal trading stints, a lot of informed circles
still say with conviction that he, along with Dr.Qadeer and former Premier
Bhutto, was the brain behind the success of Pakistan's nuclear programme.
About three dozen of Seth's very close relatives, friends and nephews are
members of country's bourses and for many years now, the Seth Abid group
assumes the role of king-makers during the annual polls of these stock
exchanges. He is a leading investor in stocks, metals and currency but what
gives him immense pleasure is his philanthropic institution Hamza Foundation
that he sponsors for the welfare of deaf and dumb children. Pakistan has not
had a single ruler, politician, bureaucrat or Army General who doesn't know
the Seth who is more of a myth for most. The Seth, throughout his life, has
avoided publicity-a fact known to most journalists.

14 - Mian Mohammed Latif Pakistan

Worth: £350m ($700) Industry:

Chenab Group Mian Muhammad Latif supervises
this group along with his brother Mian Ashfaque- a legislator in the
National Assembly of Pakistan. Founded in 1975, Chenab Limited set up its
first fashion outlet 'Chen One.' Chen One has seven outlets throughout
Pakistan. After establishing its retail chain stores in various cities of
Saudi Arabia, the group is now planning to establish its new retail chains
in Bahrain, UA.E, Qatar, Kuwait and Central Asian Republics. While Chenab
Group is an eight-time Export Trophy winner, its Chief Mian Latif has won
the 'Businessman of the Year award on four different occasions from various
business bodies. Chenab is principally engaged in manufacture and
distribution of clothing, furniture goods, including non-iron suit, quilt
cover and curtains etc. Chenab processes 50 million square metres fabric
weaving and 75 million square metres fabric dyeing every year and has
established a global sales network spanning across five continents. Chenab
is licensed to the Swedish Texcote Technology in the manufacturing and sale
of textile materials, garments and textile house-hold goods. The group's
textile products have been awarded the Oekotex 100 accreditation.

15 - Haji Abdul Ghafoor & Haji Bashir Ahmed

Ranking: 12
Worth: £330m ($660) Industry:

Sitara Group Started its activity with
textile weaving as early as 1956, under brothers Haji Abdul Ghafoor and Haji
Bashir Ahmed. It is now its textile cloth finishing and processing, textile
spinning, chlor-alkali sector and in power generation. The units owned by
this establishment include Sitara Chemicals, Sitara Chemicals (Textile
Division 1) and Sitara Chemicals (Textile Division 11), Sitara Textiles,
Sitara Energy and Yasir Spinning. The charities being managed under the
aegis of Sitara group are Aziz Fatima Hospital, Ghafoor Bashir Children
Hospital and Aziz Fatima Girls School. Sitara's name with the industrial
City of Faisalabad is synonymous. They are the decades-old veterans in
business, who have excelled in leaps and bounds. At their units, the owners
of Sitara use technology imported from Japan, UK and Germany and are export
leaders in bedding and fabric collection to South America, USA, Canada, New
Zealand and Europe. Their textile divisions together operate at strength of
33,984 spindles. The Sitara (group, to a common man, is more famous for its
lawn brands like Sitara Sapna and Mughal-e-Azam. The men at helm of affairs
in Sitara hardly believe in setting up dozens of units, of which they are
otherwise very much capable of.

rubPzai, Sep 26, 2010 #1
Popular Pakistani
16 - Sheikhani Family Pakistan

Ranking: 13
Worth: £300m ($600) Industry:

They are one of the most reputed land
developers in the country. The Sheikhani, although not a very big industrial
establishment by any means, are led by Abu Bakar Sheikhani. The Sheikhanis
are famous for their construction and land development- related errands. Abu
Bakar is deemed to be one of the largest investors in real estate trade at
Gwadar Port. He has all the right connections that are required to be in
such business. Despite being well known to the national political circles,
the man in street knew more of him during March/April 1991 when he surfaced
as the single largest contributor to then Premier Nawaz Sharif's Debt
Retirement Fund with a donation of $ 8million. Today, his adversaries dub
him a land mafia man, alleging him for selling his Gwadar land at only $
4000 per acre only to senior Army officials while the same was being sold at
$ 2,50,000 per acre to ordinary investors. But that is the way Sheikhani
runs his vast land/construction empire. Accusations don't disturb Sheikhani,
who according to many large developers is a man who has managed to create
tremendous impression in land business. The rumours of his landing in any
Pakistani City for land acquisition purposes, helps the price of real estate
surge unprecedented overnight

17 - Razzaq Dawood

Ranking: 14 (tied at 14)
Worth: £250m ($500)
Industry: Businessman

Razzaq presently heads one of Pakistan's
biggest construction and engineering conglomerate know as Dawood
group/Descen group. With a roaster of impressive clients. His group has won
many contracts in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iraq and employ's over 1,000
people directly. His name was more prominent among the top 22 richest
families in 1970 until the Bhutto nationalization which then made him set up
abroad, he returned to Pakistan in the early 90's and started from scratch
and today makes it in the top easily. The group also has investment of $300m
in Bangladesh in investments in fertiliser, energy and infrastructure and
development sectors.

18 - Byram Dinshawji Avari Pakistan

Ranking: 14 (tied at 14)
Worth: £250m ($500)
Industry: Businessman

Byram Dinshawji Avari is a prominent
Pakistani Parsi tycoon in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Together with his sons
Dinshaw and Xerxes and their direct families, he owns and operates the Avari
Group of companies, of which he is the chairman. Hotel management is the
Avari Group's core business. In Pakistan, the group owns and operates Avari
Hotels which includes 5-star deluxe hotel in Lahore, the 5-star Avari Towers
and the seafront Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. The group is also actively
pursuing opportunities for owning and/or managing 3 and 4-star properties
elsewhere in Pakistan. The Avari Group is the first Pakistani company to
have obtained international hotel management contracts: they operate the
200-room 4-star hotel in Dubai in United Arab Emirates and manage the
200-room Ramada Inn in Toronto at Pearson Airport in Canada.

19 - Rafiq Rangoonwala Pakistan

Ranking: 15 (tied at 14)
Worth: £240m ($480)
Industry: Businessman

Mr. Rafiq Rangoonwala, Chief Executive
Officer Cupola Group of Companies, was born in Karachi, did BA (Hons.) from
University of Karachi, went to United States of America in 1979, and did
Executive Development Course from Whittemore School of Business, University
of New Hampshire along with several management courses from U.K, U.S,
Canada, Australia and Singapore. In 1980, he started his career in Fast Food
restaurants from KFC in Houston. Since then he has managed several other
brands alongside KFC like Pizza Hut, Harry Ramsden's, TGI Fridays, Pizza
Express etc. e joined Artal Restaurants International as CEO in October 1999
and is currently heading Cupola Group of Companies who has franchise rights
in Pakistan for KFC, Indulge, Freshens and Casa. The associate Investment
Company of Cupola is AL ABRAJ, with approximately US $400 million under

20 - Shimmy Querishi

Ranking: 15 (tied at 15)
Worth: £240m ($480)
Industry: Businessman

A jet-setting international businessman who
fly's by jet and swings a polo mallet with some of the world's top players,
Qureshi seems a model of successful enterprise. Shimmys business interests
are mainly property, which with the boom and his holidings has took his
wealth to a new level. Although people may remember him for his stunt in the
early 90's with George Lindemann, the billionaire founder of Cellular One,
when Lindemann took him to court claiming he has cheated them in to a deal
to buy their home on Hurlingham Drive in Wellington for $3.5 million. A year
before the Lindemanns filed their suit, Qureshi bartered with another
wealthy family - the al-Thanis, who rule the Arab country of Qatar - to buy
Gulf Union Bank in the Cayman Islands.
In May 1997, the al-Thanis agreed to sell
Gulf Union to International Business Holdings - a Cayman Islands company
owned by Qureshi - for $4.5 million, according to court records.

While Cayman Islands officials were
reviewing the deal, Qureshi named an associate, Kazmi, to run Gulf Union and
a subsidiary, First Cayman Bank. Within three months, Kazmi, acting at
Qureshi's direction, had shunted more than $5 million from First Cayman into
his own account and into accounts held by Qureshi and the al-Thanis. Shimmy
Qureshi also fully manages all the properties in the USA owned by Asif

21 - Faruque Khan

Ranking:15 (tied at 15)
Worth: £240m ($480)
Industry: Businessman

The late Khan Bahadur Ghulam Faruque Khan
(1899-1992) was a politician and industrialist of Pakistan. He belonged to
the village Shaidu in Nowshera District, Nowshera is the home of the famous
Pashtun Tribe the Khattaks of the NWFP Province in Pakistan. Because of his
contribution to Pakistan's Industrial development he is sometimes described
as 'The Goliath who Industrialized Pakistan., today his family own Cherat
Cement Company Ltd. Cherat Papersack Ltd. Cherat Electric Ltd. Mirpurkhas
Sugar Mills Ltd. Faruque (pvt) Ltd Greaves Air-Conditioning( pvt) Ltd Greaves
Engineering Services(pvt) Ltd Unicol Ltd.- A JV Company Madian Hydro Power
Ltd. - A JV Company Zensoft (pvt) Ltd and prime properties around Pakistan

22 - Shahid Luqman

Ranking: 16 (tied at 16)
Worth: £230m ($460)
Industry: Businessman

Shahid Luqman, born in Gujrat, is a
financier from Manchester and has founded 'Pearl Holdings' for the property
finance market He is a prominent property developer in the UK and in
Pakistan is projects run into multi-million pounds. He also runs a loan
facility. Although in the past it has been noticed of him filling bankruptcy
and pocketing huge unpaid loans.

23 - Mukhtar Ahmed Pakistan

Ranking: 16 (tied at 16)
Worth: £230m ($460)
Industry: Businessman

Late Haji Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim, founder
of the Ibrahim Group, settled in Faisalabad after partition of India in 1947
and re-established his ancestral business of cloth trading by the name of
'Ibrahim Agencies'. What is known in business today as Ibrahim Group with
diversified business interests from Spinning to PSF, Financial Institutions
to Banking and Energy, started off as a mere cloth trading agency just half
a century ago. Recently Mr Ahmed bought a stake in the Allied Bank at $300m.

24 - Aqeel Karim Dhedi Pakistan

Ranking: 16 (tied at 16)
Worth: £230m ($460)
Industry: Businessman

Starting from interests in real estate and
stock-broking in the year 1947, the late Haji Abdul Karim Dhedhi (may he
rest in peace) laid the foundation of what today is the AKD group of
companies, one of the largest domestic business enterprises in Pakistan with
a combined net worth of over US$ 1 billion, of which Mr Karim share is at
$400m. Mr. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, son of (late) Haji Abdul Karim Dhedhi, is the
Chairman of the AKD Group. He has built the AKD Group as a leading and
vibrant set of business enterprises operating in key sectors of Pakistan's
economy, ranging from stocks and shares, media, textile, real estate and Oil
and Gas exlporation. Yet AKD is still on the move!

25 - Syed Family Pakistan

Ranking: 17 (tied at 17)
Worth: £220m ($440)
Industry: Businessman

Listed on all three stock exchanges in
Pakistan, Packages Limited has maintained a long-time credit rating of AA.
The joint ventures and business alliances with some of the world's biggest
names reflect our forward-looking strategy of continuously improving
customer value through improvements in productivity. The group also acquired
a good number of Coca Cola plants in Pakistan. Its famous brands include
Nestle Milk Pak, Treet, Mitchells and Tri Pack Films. It has stakes in the
textile, dairy, agriculture and rice sectors too. The group's contributions
towards the cause of an independent Pakistan are unprecedented are the only
packaging facility in Pakistan offering a complete range of packaging
solutions including offset printed cartons, shipping containers and flexible
packaging materials to individuals and businesses world-wide. They employ
over 4000 people.

26 - Saif Family Pakistan

Ranking: 17 (tied at 17)
Worth: £220m ($440)
Industry: Businessman

Is owned and operated by the sons of famous
NWFP lady politician Begum Kalsum Saifullah. Her eldest son Javid Saifullah
heads this very powerful business group. Javid obtained his Master degree in
Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, USA in 1973,
followed by diversified experience of over 30 years in textiles,
telecommunication, cement and Information Technology. He also remained the
Chairman of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) for two years and
NWFP for seven years. He has also been the member Task Force IT &
Telecommunication Advisory Board, Ministry of Science and Technology, Member
of Task Force (Liberalization & Privatization of Pakistan Telecommunication
Company Limited), Ministry of Science & Technology) Javed Saifullah Khan is
looking after the group businesses for the past 20 years. Saifullahs are in
power always, in one form or the other. Javaid's brothers Anwar Saifullah
Khan (Former Federal Minister), Salim Saifullah Khan (king-maker in NWFP
polities) and Osman Saifullah (another APTMA & wizard) have very close
family ties with a lot of key politicians in the country, besides being
related directly or indirectly through marriages to the families of a few
leading and famous Army Generals who ruled Pakistan.

27 - Jehangir Elahi Pakistan

Ranking: 18 (tied at 18)
Worth: £200m ($400)
Industry: Businessman

Jehangir Elahi is brother in law of Mian
Mohammad Mansha and is ranked among the tycoons in Pakistan. He has launched
several projects as joint ventures with Mian Mohammad Mansha, as for example
Genertech, one of the earliest private sector power plants conceived in
Pakistan. Independently his group has four companies listed on the stock

28 - Sherazi Family Pakistan

Ranking: 18 (tied at 18)
Worth: £200m ($400)
Industry: Businessman

This group was founded by Yousaf Sherazi, a
former Income Tax official and journalist in 1962 with a capital of Rs 03
million only. The first company set by the Atlas Group was Sherazi
Investments (Pvt) Limited and since then, there is no looking back. The East
Pakistan tragedy, however, nearly crippled Sherazi but he never lost hope
and went out forming numerous joint ventures with leading Japanese concerns
like Honda. Atlas-Honda today is a name to reckon with in country's
engineering sector and associated with this just one name are hundreds of
vendors. He holds stakes in insurance, financial services, information
technology, leasing, warehouses, office equipment, motor cars and
motorcycle-assembli ng units, besides running a renowned firm that
manufactures batteries. Sherazi owns the Atlas Investment Bank too. The
Federal Budget 2004-05 is perhaps the only budget in country's history that
has hit the very influential car manufacturers on the head, otherwise people
like Yousaf Sherazi have always managed to dictate terms where it matters.
The Atlas Group owns no less than seven companies quoted on the stock
exchanges of Pakistan. The group's assets are believed to have touched the
hundreds of millions dollars mark and so have the sales.

29 - Noon family Pakistan

Ranking: 19
Worth: £190m ($380m) Industry:

Noon family comes from Tiwana family from
Mitha Tiwana. The Tiwana family lives in an old historical village in
Khushab district. The Tiwana caste is a very popular landholding and
influential political caste in the Khushab district. The Noon Family own 27
villages in Bhalwal and Bhera. The fields of these villages are very
cultivated and fertile. The Landlord Noon family created many bankers,
industrialists, ambassadors and politicians for Pakistan. The Noon family is
very popular in the area because of their character , their attitude,their
behaviour with the people and helps the poor and needy people in the area
without any prejudice so Noon family is very well-wisher, well-behaved
,sympathetic with the area. On their land they own over 40 factories on
total ranging from brick manufacturing to cotton farms and production. They
are a tax paying landlords for this reason they are the only feudal lords
including in this edition.

30 - Mian Abdullah Pakistan

Ranking: 19
Worth: £190m ($380m) Industry:

One of the largest manufacturers and
exporters of textile products in Pakistan, Sapphire technology comes from
Europe, Japan and USA. Capitalizing on the region's principal crop, cotton,
we source this locally, and augment our offerings by providing imported
fiber from the world's best crops. We work with specialized fibers bringing
in the newest innovations from major fiber and chemical producers, and our
manufacturing from yarn to finished fabric is performed in our facilities in
Pakistan. Synergies are formed with offshore garment manufacturing
companies. Our products are marketed to the industry's biggest names in
Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. Over 14,000 employees ,Annual
turnover US $ 500 Million

Headed by a veteran industrialist Mian
Abdullah, this splendid empire owns 11 yarn spinning plants (producing
60,000 tonnes of yarn annually), 3 woven plants of greige fabric ( producing
50 million metres annually), one yarn dyeing plant (capacity 5 tonnes per
day), one knitting unit (10 tonnes per day), one knitted fabric dyeing plant
(10 tonnes per day), one woven fabric dyeing and finishing plant ( 1.2
million metres per month) and three power plants having the capability to
produce 40 MW of energy. Sapphire forms synergies with off-shore garments
companies. The group markets its products in biggest brand names in Asia,
Europe, Australia and North America. Sapphire started with one spinning mill
in 1969 and employs over 10,000 people. Mian Abdullah's repute can be gauged
from the fact during the October 2003 minis at APTMA, more than 1000 textile
millers bad tendered their resignations against incumbent Chief Waqar Monnoo
to him. Dozens of leading tycoons had proposed his name to head APTMA in
case of an interim setup. Having an influence among textile millers is no
easy job but Mian Abdullah stands privileged in this context He is often
seen part of the entourages of key business leaders to foreign countries and
provides input to fellow colleagues whenever requested.

rubPzai, Sep 26, 2010 #2
Popular Pakistani
31 - Shahzad Family Pakistan

Ranking: 20 (tied at 20)
Worth: £170m
($340m) Industry: Businessman

Shahzad Group is a reputable name which
takes pride in being identified as a beacon of business development involved
in almost all avenues of Nation building activities i.e. Energy,
Communications, Minerals, Construction, Geophysical survey, Security and
many other ventures. Shahzad Group has , by itself, and in some cases in
collaboration with foreign and local partners, who are the leading brand
names in the world, identified, initiated, supervised and successfully
completed major business ventures. Shahzad Group prides itself for its
accomplishments during almost three decades of business activity. The Group
has actively participated in enhancing Pakistan's international
competitiveness and social development, and for promotion of foreign and
domestic investment in business ventures. It takes pride in delivering
quality products, solutions and services that obtain a competitive advantage
over others.

The Group is a wholly owned Pakistani
establishment with offices in Calgary (Canada), Houston (USA), London,
Kuwait, Beijing and Singapore, with a strong presence in various other
metropolises all over the world. Shahzad International Group of
Companies,Oil and Gas,Gold and Minerals Mining,Geological surveys,Defence
supplies,Travel and Tour Operators,Flash security services and Trading

32 - Nazir Family Pakistan

Ranking: 20 (tied at 20)
Worth: £170m
($340m) Industry: Businessman

One of Faislalabads most prominent families
is the Haji Nair family. Owning Masoos textiles, Mahmood Textiles, Asim
Textiles and power generation plants. Son of Mr Nazir Shahid Nazir is also a
prominent politician.

33 - Abdul Bhati

Ranking: 21 (tied at 21)
Worth: £150m
($300m) Industry: Businessman

Bhatti, 71, is a director of London-based
wholesaler Bestway, which saw profits up 27% in 2005-06 at £73m on a
turnover up 26% at £1.7 billion. Bhatti and his family have a stake worth
£140m as well as other assets.

34 - Adalat Chaudhary

Ranking: 21 (tied at 21) Worth: £150m
($300m) Industry: Businessman

Director of the London-based Bestway
cash-and-carry business established by Sir Anwar Pervez.

35 - Younis Sheikh

Ranking: 21 (tied at 21)
Worth: £150m
($300m) Industry: Businessman

Bestway director Sheikh, 70, London
cash-and-carry business Bestway continues to thrive.

36 - Chaudrey Zameer

Ranking: 21 (tied at 21)
Worth: £150m
($300m) Industry: Businessman

Finance director of the London-based Bestway
cash-and-carry business started in 1976 by Anwar Pervez . In 2004 Pervez
stepped down as managing director, Choudrey took over. In 2005-06 Bestway
profits rose 27% at £73m on turnover up 26% at £1.7 billion. Choudrey and
his family have a 10.1% stake. They also own 70% of the Buybest supermarket
chain in UK

37 - Zafar Iqbal Khwaja Pakistan

Ranking: 21 (tied at 21)
Worth: £150m
($300m) Industry: Businessman

Zafar Iqbal Khawaja (born January 3rd, 1952)
is a prominent Pakistani businessman who owns a number of companies around
the world. He is better known in Pakistan as the 'Prince of Sargodha'. Also
referred to as the 'Shaheen of Sargodha' (The Eagle of Sargodha). Zafar
Iqbal Khawaja, is the son of a significant military commando Muhammed Sadiq
Khawaja, who worked with Muhammed Ali Jinnah (The Founder of Pakistan)
during the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan. Zafar Iqbal Khawaja is most
widely known as the Managing Director of a multi-million dollar company
called Inter Equipment. It's Head Quarters are located at the Jebal Ali Free
Zone, Dubai which is a recognized commercial capital of the Middle-East. In
Mr.Khawaja's business circle, he is known for his commitment to honest work
and his ethical manner of business. Within 15 years, he has developed
himself from a fresh college graduate, into a business tycoon. Currently, he
is in the process of writing an auto-biography describing his success story.
This auto-biography would be a must-read for any business-person pursuing
major success.

38 - Shahid Hussain Pakistan

Ranking: 22 (tied at 22)
Worth: £130m
($260m) Industry: Businessman

With more than 325 retail outlets and 13
wholesale depots, Service Sales Corporation (Pvt.) Limited is the leading
retail and wholesale company in Pakistan with annual sales $300m. The
Company has established some of Pakistan's leading footwear brands including
DON CARLOS, CHEETAH, SKOOZ, TOZ and LIZA and has distribution agreements
with CATERPILLAR and NIKE. As part of our growth strategy, we have expanded
our businesses to include Service Communications, Shoe Planet (Pvt.) Limited
and Soul Collections.

39 - Younis Brothers Pakistan

Ranking: 22 (tied at 22)
Worth: £130m
($260m) Industry: Businessman

Yunus Brothers is actively involved in
international trading of various products including Cotton & Blended Yarn,
Cotton & Blended Fabrics, Garments, Rice, Sugar, Fertilizer, Earth moving
equipments, Chemicals, Spare Parts and Automotive Vehicles etc. Yunus
Brothers is one of the largest export houses of the Pakistan exporting
mainly to the European, US, Far Eastern, Middle Eastern and African markets.
Yunus Brother's annual sales turnover exceeds USD 300/- million with 95% of
the sales geared towards the export markets.

40 - Ghani Family Pakistan

Ranking: 22 (tied at 22)
Worth: £130m
($260m) Industry: Businessman

Abdul Ghani Dada Bhoy was the founder of
Dada Bhoy group, starting in trade and branching off into the construction
business. The group has a big share of cement market in Southern Pakistan.
Like other Memon groups, Dad Bhoys are closely linked through intermarriages
with other leading families like Jaffer and Bawany. Abdul Ghani Dada Bhoy
had five sons and two daughters, namely Noor Mohammad Dada Bhoy, Mohammad
Farooq Dada Bhoy, Mohammad Hussain Dada Bhoy, Abdullah Hussain Dada Bhoy and
Ghulam Mohammad Dada Bhoy. Daughters are Mrs Mehrunisa Jaffer and Mrs
Zaibunisa Tanveer .

41 - Saddiq & Sons Pakistan

Ranking: 22 (tied at 22)
Worth: £130m
($260m) Industry: Businessman

This group made the bulk of its fortune
during the chief ministership and premiership of Nawaz Sharif when the group
was sold Pasrur Sugar Mills for a token price of Rs one and its Chairman,
Mohammad Saleem was appointed managing director of National Development
Leasing Corporation (NDLC) replacing Rafiq Habib. Today the have invested
huge amounts in prime properties around Pakistan.

42 - Afzal Kushi

Ranking: 23 (tied at 23)
Worth: £120m
($240m) Industry: Businessman

Afzal Khushi, 51, managing director of
Jacobs & Turner, last year received a CBE for services to business in
Scotland. He and his brother, Akmal, 50, have made the £90m Glasgow
sportswear firm a global business. They also have £30 other assets.

43 - Ghulam Hassan Khan Pakistan

Ranking: 23 (tied at 23)
Worth: £120m
($240m) Industry: Businessman

The SK group of companies shares a set of
five core values: integrity, adaptability, excellence, unity and
responsibility. These values, which have been part of the SK Group's beliefs
and convictions from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the
business decisions of SK companies. The SK Group and its enterprises have
been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and
their commitment to corporate social responsibility. This is a legacy that
has earned the SK Group the trust of many thousand of stakeholders The SK
Group comprises of six operating companies in following business segments:
Information technology, Real estate, Developer and Builders, Media, Welfare,
Import and exports and CNG stations. The SK Group was founded by Sardar
Gulam Hassan Khan Niazi in the mid 1980's. Sardar Khan Niazi and those who
followed him aligned business opportunities with the objective of nation
building. This approach remains enshrined in the SK Group's ethos to this
day. Rose Shopping Mall
Companies owned by the family today:
Paradise City, SK Trading, DUBAI Gasco 2000, chain of CNG stations SK
Constructions , rose club, SK plazaz, Chuna Pa chain fast food chinese., SKN
tust and sk farms.

44 - Kasim Dada Pakistan

Ranking: 24
Worth: £100m ($200m) Industry:

Kasim hails from a 19th Century Memon
business family known to have possessed the vision of international trade
when most of their contemporaries were rather naïve on this count. This
family had offices in Burma, South Africa and countries of the Far-East long
before 1940. Dadas, have held decisive positions at the Karachi Stock
Exchange and own shares of various Pakistani and foreign monopolies without
creating any hype. Kassim Dada's family is known to have held major local
equity in multinationals like Glaxo SmithKline, Brook Bond and Berger
Paints, besides being the sponsoring directors of Messrs Hyderabad
Electronics, Automotive Battery Limited and Interfund Bank etc. Kassim Dada
is one of the few Pakistani Tycoons who used to fly on private planes from
Karachi to hit cement plants in Hyderabad. It was this family which had
hired Mahatama Gandhi as a solicitor in 1890 to contest a business case in
South Africa. Dada, was once a symbol of wealth. Had his assets not been
nationalised by Bhutto he would definitely had the status many richest men
in the world enjoy today.
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