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Dear brother its nice and thx all the way of yr tips and the time that u had tough and u share with us ......

i just wanan know is Acedamic record does matter i mean to say if someone did not good at acedamic record then .......i juzt wanna confirm u have v good percentage MASHAHALLAH if someone have 59 %, 40%, 54 % which is an average acedamic record (but got 2nd div in graduation as it is compalsory to apply for) .....then what should he or she do what u suggest and on the other hand he or she did well in test ......cud he or she get the job if he or she good in interview ....

would u like to tell me if they asked about such questions why u cud not have good acedamic record then what is our most convieniant reply ...that they admit on it

what the interviewer infact judge and what they expect from the canadiates ....would u explaine these things so that those how have not enough good acedamic record could get tips if he or she get in ..........tell me do reply as soon as possible

bundle of thanks
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