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Old Saturday, October 14, 2006
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Somehow I found this old thread, about Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am an Bangladeshi. I feel sorry sometime, that alike any Bangladeshi citizen I was born to Hate Pakistan.

Now some facts I learned. We won an election in 1970. We did not want to be separeted from main Pakistan. West Pakistani did not let Sheikh Mujib to be the President of Pakistan.

What a brilliant decision made by Pakistanis... lol. Just they didn't let Sheikh Mujib on Power. And, for that reasion Pakistan lost 54% of its population.

How come you people dont feel shame to zulfiqur ali bhutto. As he did not let sheikh mujib on power. Though bhutto was in 2nd position. And, awame league did not need any coalition to win.

How come Yahya, Niazi, Tikka khan are the heroes of your country? Eventually they were responsible for the death of 3 million people in just 9 month.

How come you people think Bangladesh a brother. Did you people considered us a brother till 1971? What kind of brother can kill its brother? what kind of animal are theY?

----------------Submitted some questions that are commonly asked by common people of Bangladesh--------
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