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Old Saturday, October 14, 2006
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Originally Posted by dIsTiNG
How come you people think Bangladesh a brother. Did you people considered us a brother till 1971? What kind of brother can kill its brother? what kind of animal are theY?
Well i believe that Pakistanis always considered banladeshis their part and parcel. u cannot deny the fact that pak took care of them in many ways. it just happened that 1970's elections failed to justify Pakistan's love for its eastern part.

Ok u think over it, if there is some trouble going on in Balochistan nowadays. Is Pak responsible for that? Should pakistan not pay attention to the remaining provinces? Well it just happens at times that u give priority to somethings over others. In this regard, you fail to help urself out. But Bangladeshis also needed to be sensible coz they also fell a prey to India. They followed our enemy's instructions. Was nt that so diloyal of Bangladeshis.

Pakistan left eastern wing for the sake of Bangladesh but it does not mean that Pakistan did not want them at all. Pakistan left them for their freedom and contentment coz they seem unwilling to stay happy being a part of pakistan.

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