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Default my interview

Today was my interview.. I was 6th one to go..lasted 4 half an hour approx. (as usual I dint check the exact time). My subjects were economics, IR, US history, journalism n sociology..

I am trying to recall all the questions, I hope I succeed in that!!

After usual greetings mr. bhagwandas asked about the meaning of my name.. read about my profile--my final degree..then started off…

What is economic development? (economics)
Tell me about your favourite book?that led to a discussion on concept of spirituality n he asked u believe in miracles?n that do u visit Daata Darbar?
What is ECO?
Agencies of UN?
India is asking for permanent seat in security council..u think it will get it?
Did u appear again?why? were u not confident about your success?
U have read IR, what were SEATO and CENTO?their demise?
U have written in your weakness “none so far”, how come?

SOhail Safdar:
HDI? (economics)
Wo is Robert fisk?have u read him?
What is the role of madressahs n why people send their children there? What can we do to stop that?
Can u tell about any quote or speech of a US president?

Gen. Owais

From your favourite books I can guess u r interested in tasawuf..what are various sufi orders?
What are their differences n their similarities?
What was their role in govt. in mughal era, british govt. and after establishment of Pakistan?
What should be the role of religion in govt.?
Equity Vs Bond?(economics)
Father of US constitution?

Saud Gohar:
Arbitrage? (economics)
debt trap? (economics)
What would be the end game in Afghanistan?

i guess that was all..
Considerable portion of it rotated around the concept of spirituality as my favourite book was about it..
overall the panel was good, not very strict n not too frank either..
best of luk to all n plz keep me in your prayers as well...
Khird mandon se kya poochon k meri ibtida kia hay
K mein to iss fikr me rehta hoon meri intiha kia hay!!
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