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Default Good Effort !!!


@ Snobbish

Dear u didnt mention the negative role of women social organizations which bring about the upheavels in the family matters and spoil the lives of many innocent brains. Also, u must have included the real place which Islam has appreciated for a woman i.e. in the home. Also highlight the role of a housewife which is the other part of the world and is the real paradigm for making a nation strong. Do also mention that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has declared good women as the best asset of a nation. In addition, to the contra of this statement, do mention the barbaric qualities of bad women like the the wife of Abu Sufyan, who eventually chewed the heart of Hazrat Hamza(R.A).

Last but not the least, "The hands which rock the cradle, rules the world"

I shall try to add more sometime else.

Take care

Allah Hafiz

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