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Old Thursday, May 26, 2011
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Originally Posted by hamza_salick86 View Post
Again,I was a bachelor when I took the exam..well when I started preparing for it I still HAD to take my final graduation examsSaad was a graduate too,wasn't he?There are plenty others who would just be graduates going into this exam and clearing.So no worries about it.Merey saath saare masterz thay,kisi se clear nahy hua..So it lies in ur mind,not in the piece of paper called a Masters degree
hamza bhai....1st of all congratulation... me 1 thing
wht is the right way to prepare?
no 1:
first go through all subjects n then start cramming?
choose 1 subject....start making its not n start cramming as wel?
minimum how much time should be divided for 1 subject?
whts the right way?
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