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Issac or Ishaq A.S was the father of Yaqoob A.S and son of Ibrahim A.S and brother of Ismail A.S ( from another mother ). Correct answer is Yahooda. They were 12 brothers and Bin Yamin was the real brother of Yosaf A.S. Yaqoob A.S known as Jacob in west was nick named Israel and that is what Quran called his children as Bani Israel or children of Israel. He had 12 children so Israel has 12 tribes. The children of Yosaf and Bin Yamin are the Turks according to some scholars and some also include Afghan or Pushtoons as the children of Yosaf A.S. Thats why many Jews call them the 12th lost tribe of Israel. Arabs are the cousins of Jews because they are the children of Ismail A.S and their common father is Ibrahim A.S. The Holy Prophet Saw was arab so Jews became jealous of him as they thought the last prophet will descent among from them. Yahoda's children are called 'yahodi' , therefore it is the correct answers because traditionally they remained jews.
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