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Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post
It has been 3-4 days since i posted the above thread, but I wonder if the queries put forward by me were so difficult or redundant that nobody has bothered to reply.
I thought this forum provides assistance or is there a special criteria on which replies are given???
Dear we are here to help u.
1) It is no issue u can not prepare for css along with ur job. A respectable member of forum Fayyaz Hussain from karachi got allocation in 2009 although he was Deputy Director in SBP. In our batch more than 50% officers were job person.. they got their allocation. I myself was undergoing Elite Force Training Course which is tough physical course after SSG of Army and Alhamdulillah i got my allocation in commerce and trade group. So dear dont excuse. Only hardwork is required in planned and managed way.

2) There is no need to join any acadmy. Acadmies are only money making factories. Forum members are very coperative. they are here to help u. But response may be delayed as every person has other responsibilities of life.
u should take coaching only in Essay and Compsition from an expert teacher.

3) It is good u have have command over english language. But dont overstimate. U should learn the techniques how to pass essay and composition paper and how u will raise ur aggregate score.

4) It is not essential u consult 2 books for each subject. In some cases may b one book is sufficient and in other cases may it is essential to consult 3 to 4 books. It depends on the requirement of particular paper.

5) Muslim Law and sociology are scoring subjects. Indian history sometimes scoring sometimes not, so its average subject. I.R is not good option. journalism may be good after 2013 but not scoring now a days. I dond have idea about Business AD.

I also post some tips which may help u.

Best of Luck
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