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Sameera, i agree with you, that the Qur'an says that you won't be able to be just between women...... but you are taking it in a very biased context just like my fellow muslim men have taken certain matters.

Look, Islam does allow wives upto 4. But, it is an undeniable truth, that in a world, where it is hard to keep one wife happy, how do you expect to keep more than one happy? and as a result, you are not rightful in having more than one wives if you can't do justice to them, however, there have been dignitaries who have done it and it is possible. Nonetheless, the verse does not state that polygamy is prohibited by any chance. We follow our religion through the examples set by our religion's most authentic personnel i.e. the Prophet S.A.W and his sahaabah. Our men don't follow the sahaabah in their own character and want to have 4 wives like them, so ofcourse, they are not rightful in that case.

however, i agree that polygamy is not a solution to the crisis that the world is currently facing. and sameera, that statement:
"The option for women in countries with a bigger female ratio than men is to
share a husband with another woman, to remain single, or to become public

is meant for the west. Basically, this is an abstract from Zakir Naik's answers to certain questions(you must've noticed that at one point the writer states i am an indian...). It has not been written by any samia or whoever. so that statement DOES justify their claims of islam being wrong by allowing four marriages and stuff...
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