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Stunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really nice

Bro i respect your reservations about scores .. But i would also suggest you to have a look at DMS of 2010 successful candidates .. Some of the high scorers got very low marks in 2 or 3 subjects, especially in optionals .. Even then they were able to earn a respectable merit ..

One of the reasons is that scoring trend is the same for all .. If a subject fluctuates on scoring basis, its for all and not for an individual or two ..

So basically if you prepared every subject with equal determination and work, it won't matter at all if one or two subjects don't yield as much as you had expected ..

Another honest opinion is that if well prepared, no matter how ill-scoring a subject is, you will be marked as per your preparation .. Like if normally students scored around 100 or 110 in that very subject and you scored 120 or 125, that will be a much better score overall and you will have an upper hand over others ..

In conclusion .. Go for what you are interested in and make that a good choice for yourself by preparing it well enough .. I've opting Islamic History and I know I'll have to prepare somewhat differently than others to score good ..

Rest, the choice is yours ..

Best of luck ..
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