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Originally Posted by Zoyee View Post
@ redmax

I am in a fix either to opt Arabic or not? I have discussed it with many experienced members here but the thing which enhanced my problem concerning Arabic is that few members said "coaching is necessary for Arabic." What if someone cant afford that coaching and doing self study?

Although I have background of Islamic Studies but its fact that Arabic as language is new for me. So share your experience that how to tackle it? how can one get good marks especially in paper II? Everyone is referring famous notes of Punjab university so whats unique in attempting paper while using same material?

Your suggestions, observations, experience and detail reply will be highly appreciated.

As you have already discussed with many experienced members some of them to my assumption would be qualifiers too, my wording on the issue may not seem to be quite different that them.

Though Islamic History and Arabic have much in common, these two subjects are entirely wide disciplines of study in their own domain. You may not know Arabic but you can still possess knowledge about Islamic History whereas you cannot skip Islamic History while reading Arabic Literature. In a nutshell, you have an added advantage if you opt Arabic.

Yes, they say it right, when they tell you that Arabic requires coaching especially when you are novice at this subject. You will have to deal with this subject in the similar manner as you dealt with English during your middle school or college years. You will learn Arabic alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, composition and of course comprehension. You would require a guide to check your progress and correct you where you err. Do NOT opt it if you are not availing a good coach for it.

Lastly, the notes available at PU photocopy shop are not comprehensive as the ones prepared by a Prof. of International Islamic University Islamabad. I studied both and found the latter ones more reliable and easy to comprehend. In Lahore, these notes are available with some of the members of this forum including Tassawur.

You may want to give it a try and check out the syllabus and notes etc (without getting them copied or buying books) for a day or two. After all, you can always revert to your own stronghold in Islamic Studies in case you find Arabic a hard nut to be cracked.

I wish you good luck!
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