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Default evolution creation and islam

Creation Evolution and Islam

Since antiquity mankind has been grappling with the concept of the creation of universe and its genesis. Quran showed them that the universe is not a purposeless, pointless,or random conglomeration of matter. on the contrary it asserted that universe was a carefully designed structure from top to bottom by a Superior Being.

***In 19th century Immanuel Kant and his followers believed in an infinite universe with no beginning or end and their predecessors Marxs and Engels carried the believes to the 20th century. However Einstein's theory of relativity and Hubble's observation of the* 'red shift' turned the set pattern of* believes topsy turvy. They showed that everything moves away from every thing and that the universe constantly 'expands' which was later defined in terms of Big Bang. This led the scientists to believe that going back in time everything would shrink and converge to a single point which was called as 'zero volume' parallel to 'nothing', signifying the fact that the universe had a beginning and was created from 'nothing'. Quran elucidates it in the words;' it is We(Allah) who have built the universe with our power and verily it is We who are steadily expanding it'.

* This led to another debate that who created this universe from nothing. Skeptics gave their theories, existentialists like Nietzsche completely denied that presence of a Superior Being and called it a blind chance, 'the oscillating universe model' on the other
hand explained the phenomenon of creation in mechanical terms, that the universe's present expansion would reverse some time and it would begin to contract, then it would expand and would repeat itself in cycles.

Others gave explanation through the 'cosmic egg' theory, that mater prior to the Big Bang were in the manner of an egg, it exploded violently paving way for the creation through the energies it unleashed. Quran explained it in the terms that 'He is the originator of the heaven and the earth', and declared Allah to be the only force behind all the creation of the universe and the life in it unlike other skeptics or the world religions who distract the human mind by declaring 'Who really knows what happened? Who can describe it? How were things produced? Where was creation born? When the universe was created, the one became many. Who knows how this occurred? Did creation happen at God's command, or did it happen without his command? He looks down upon creation from the highest heaven. Only he knows the answer ľor perhaps he does not know'. ( hindu holy scriptures of Rig Veda 10:129.1-7)

Maurice in his book Quran Bible and Science established the fact that Christianity is on the gravest mistake when it establishes false facts* about creation, such as the declaration* that earth was illuminated by the light on the first day but their source ,stars, moon and sun* were created on the fourth day.However, Allah says,' Your lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and earth in six days andthen settled himself firmly on the throne. He covers the day with night ,each pursuing the other urgently ....Both creation and command are subservient to him'. and thence challenges the mankind to find a single fault in His creation as 'there are clear signs for the people of intellect'.

The origin of life as described by Darwin in The Origin Of Species as chance happening, natural selection* and the survival of the fittest from the simplest to the complex was authentically refuted by Shapiro who described that a single living cell, the building unit of life is so complex that the law of probability makes it clear that its component a
protein has 10raised to power 40,000 zeros(which hasno equivalent in the universe) probability to exist by chance. Allah asserts with the divine truth 'You will not find any flaw in the creation of the All-Merciful'.

To complement it ,Mendel's discovery of the laws of inheritance further refuted Darwin's claims asserting that the origin and the distribution of the immense amount of DNA could not be explained by coincidental happenings.

* Against Darwinism another theory presented by the scientists is known as 'Panspermia' is* in close collaboration with Islam, according to which life emerged on earth suddenly and in complex form, based on the oldest fossil found from the Cambrian period
showing complex creatures since the time they ever existed .Hence, the fossil record indicates that living things did not evolve from primitive to advanced forms, but instead emerged all of a sudden in perfect state with the creative authority of Allah and His command ,'Kun-fayakun' .As illuminated by Harun Yahya in The Creation of Universe not a single transitional form verifying the alleged evolutionary 'progression' of vertebrates from fish to amphibian, reptiles, birds and mammals has ever been found so it can easily be said that every living species appears instantaneously and in its current form,perfect and complete , In other words living beings did not come into existence through evolution, rather they were created and they were created through the medium of 'sticky clay', 'mud', 'dust', or as Allah says "We made from water every living thing'* in

Tip; a topic based on Darwinism and Islam would focus on Darwin's theoris in comparison to Islamic concepts. Some of the points discussed here would become peripheral while the ones related to Darwin would be emphasized.
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