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Default sitting in an examination hall

After all the training at home, when the student is put to test:

Your wrist watch should be in front of you. Remember by this time you have done your home work and you know you are confident about the topic you are about to attempt.

Yet take time and select a topic which you think would reveal you hard work in front of the examiner.

Donítí rush.

Think about all the possible dimensions abut the topic and jot them down on the last page.

Think about the introduction by adding all the points from the outline.

Keep on adding more points to the rough outline as they come to you while you are writing the essay.

There is always chance you forget a crucial point or reference so always jot them down on the last rough page.

Keep on marking the points you have elaborated so that at the end you donít get lost in the ones you have already discussed and the ones that need your attention.

After half the time is over, do analyze what you have written and how much time is left. Assesses the outline from the rough page and carefully divide you time in what is to be elaborated and strong concluding last paragraph.

While reaching the end you can go through some points without going into much depth. But remember you have to save time for a powerful ending.

Never leave an essay without its ending. Skip a few points if you have to but always end your essay properly.

Save last 5 minutes or so for revision. Cross out the rough outline, attach your extra sheets properly, recheck your roll number.
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