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The Day Of Judgement


Meaning Of The Judgement Day
• Islamic Concept Of Life Hereafter
• Signs Of The Day Of Resurrection
• Importance Of This Faith

Meaning Of The Judgement Day:

The judgement day is the appointed time, when the whole mankind and Jinn will be raised after death, and judged by Allah according to His Law, which has been contained in His Holy Books. The fortunate persons among mankind and Jinn who succeed on that Day, will enter Allah’s paradise, while the unfortunate ones will be thrown into Hell.

The Islamic Concept Of Hereafter:

Belief in life hereafter is the third basic postulate of Islam. The world according to Islam, is a place of trial and man is being judged in it. he will have to give account of all that he does herein. Life on this earth will, one day, come to an end, and after death a new world will be resurrected. It will be in this life after death that man will be rewarded or punished for his deeds and misdeeds. Those who live in the present world a life of obedience to the Lord will enjoy eternal bliss in the hereafter while those who disobey His commands will have to garner the bitter fruits of their disobedience.

The Holy Quran sys:

“Towards Him is the return of you all,
The promise of God is sure fact,
Surely he originates and make,
Then He causes it to return again,
In order that He may reward
Those who believe and do good with justice;
And as to those who choose disbelief,
There is for them a boiling water and a painful agony,
On account of what they disbelieved.”
(Younus: 4)

And again:

“And naught is the life of this world,
But a play thing and vanity,
And certainly the future home
Is better for those who practice reverence.
Do you not understand it then?”
(Al-An’am: 32)

The appearance of the ‘Last Day’ has been vouchsafed by God in the following verse.

“And those who are given knowledge and faith, will say, certainly tarried according to the ordinance of Allah till the Day of Judgement, so this is the day of Resurrection but you did not know.”
(Ar-Rum: 56)

Signs OF The Day OF Judgement:

The day of Judgement is known to God alone, and no one else is entitled to receive any hint about this secret. The following signs will precede the Day of Reckoning.

i) Disbelief among man.
ii) Spread of sensuality among men.
iii) Sedition and tumults
iv) Great distress in the world
v) Rising of sun in the west
vi) A monster will emerge from Mount Safa
vii) Coming of Dajjal, who will be slain by God through the hand of Jesus
viii) A smoke will fill the whole earth
ix) Three eclipse of Moon
x) Coming of Al-Mehdi.

As regards the future existence the Holy Quran speaks in following manner,

“And that which comes after (al-Akhirat) is certainly much better for thee than which has gone before.”
(Ad-Dhuha: 4)

Importance Of The Faith:

This faith is not without effect rather it has a great effect in moulding human character. It awakens in man the sense of a higher life, and thus makes his life more useful. The man who sincerely believes in future life shall try his best to lead his life honestly in this world, so that he may attain the higher life in the next world. The faith in future life implies that every action, however, secretly it be done, must have its fruit and therefore this belief serves both as a impetus to the good and noble deeds and restraint upon evils. This faith leads man to the right path and prevents him from evils. The faith in future existence awakens the sense of moral responsibility, while disbelief in it weakens this sense. Thus, the faith in future life is a great means of establishing peace and order in the world.

Secondly, this faith teaches us with that human life has an aim and this aim is to attain a higher life after death, which can be achieved only by good deeds and actions done in this world. Lastly, this faith serves as a great source of consolation to the disappointed and distressed who believe that they will be allowed to attain the higher life after death which is the aim of every human being.

As regards future the Holy Quran speaks in the following terms;

“Fear Allah and ye know ye have to go to Allah. If ye die ye will get eternal life (while to battle in the cause of religion and truth). Whatever ye give in charity ye will get full compensation and ye will not be tormented (in life hereafter)”

It means that the importance of this is expressed in the Holy Quran itself.
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