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Default Militant Muslim Press

Militant muslim press:

The revolutionary movement that awoke the nationalism in the heart of the Muslim thorough emotional writings, logical arguments and remembrance of their glorious past. The four journalists regarded as pioneer of Muslim militant journalism are
-Molan zafar ali khan
-Mohamad ali johar
-Abdul kalan azad
-Hasrat mohani
Molana zafar ali khan:
Born at Wazirabad ,
Graduated from Aligar,
Editor of Deccan review,
Observer of political changes,
Started in 1906 by Molvi Sirajudin
Took hold in 1908 at his father death
Made daily in 1911.
Salient features:
.courage and boldness
.use of poems and verses
.dignified language
.emotions and reasons
.comprehension editorials,
. Subscription from agencies,
.translation from English dailies
Molana m Ali Johar

An oxford graduate.
An arch believer of Muslim unity.
Pioneer of khilafat movement.
The comrade
The first Muslim English newspaper in 1911,
Objective was to convey the voice and problems of the masses to the Government.
Englishmen were surprised when they thought of the language and style of Johar.
Served the educated class,
Voice of Muslims to the ruling class,
Idiomatic and dignified editorial s
HamdardI want to brought out a daily of first rank whose members are Sajjad Haider yeldram, Maulvi Abdul Haque, Inayat ullah, Khawaja Ghulam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir and Mehfooz ali, but Allam Iqbal should also be its member.
Started in 1911 and closed in 1914,
Hired services of Reuters and AP
Again started in 1922 and closed in 1929,
Mouthpiece of Johar in Urdu
Characteristics of his journalism:
Sobriety and seriousness,
Authentic news,
Unbiased approach,
Two nation theory,
Molana Abdul Kalam Azad

A great name in Muslim Urdu journalism,
Mother tongue was Arabic.
Issued Nairang-i-Alam at an early age.
Against imperialism and two nation theory,
A prolific writer,
A religious scholar
Started from Calcutta in July 1912,
First illustrated Muslim journal,
Printed in type,
Social, religious, and educational topics
Characteristics of his writings
Islamic values,
Expression of knowledge,
Influence and attractive for masses,
Totalitarian attitude,
Courage and boldness
Molana Hasrat Mohani:

A poet, author and politician,
An Aligarh graduate
Urud I moalla
A periodical started in 1903 from Aligarh,
Most of the articles were written by himself.
In 1908 he was imprisoned for 2 years for writing a pungent article.
Basically literary in character, art and literature,
Works of ancient poet and criticism
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