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Originally Posted by secondopinion
I appreciate her efforts, but I would also like to bring her attention in some of her grammatical mistakes, which she had made in it. First of all, she had excessively used "viceregal", which made her essay verbigerate. Secondly, consider this "....The feudal landlords of West Pakistan had no experience in governing a modern state and....." and also this one "...Another development of the 1958 military coup d’état was that it created a symbiotic relationship between the military and civil service, which would determine the future of Pakistani politics..", what does "WHICH" refer to in the above sentence.

Brother it was the post I added initially when I joined the forum... u can say its 2nd post I have added to the forum. Yes I know there are so many grammatical mistakes and I have corrected them in my papers but have no way to add corrections to the forum. I think I should add the corrected version of the same topic to the forum. Well brother there are some mistakes are typing related too.

And which represent that symbiotic relationship.

Thanks for giving so much attention to the topic and you have added your valuable opinion too. You can check my initial essay too it has some grammatical mistakes that I corrected later on.

Your criticism is Highly appreciated because its constructive.


Originally Posted by amjad hafeez
Well Miss Naqvi..
My experience is that to be simple in language and to use short sentences is what is needed. Specifically in essay paper the first thing is english languge and grammer and then comes the stage of knowledge one has. So firstly try to improve your grammer.I was not comfortable when i started preparation but with the passage of time i was able to manage it by writing more and more.Remember ! fifty percent of the css is on the first day that is of english essay and english general.
Best of luck
I m 100% agreed to you... I have already added my reply to same thread that it was very initial post from my side. You can check out my recent posts there will be a rare grammatical mistake.... Its very much true that your result of CSS is decided at very first day of your exam....
I qualified other papers but flunked in Essay paper and grammaer is the only reason I can understand but Alhamdulillah now improved it in real sense.
Actually I m a science student but worked hard to acquire mastery of grammaer still I m learning but improved in real sense.

"When Allah leads you to the edge of the cliff, Trust Him Fully, only 1 of 2 things will happen either He will catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly"

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