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Answer by starting with your earliest job, or when you left university and move forwards through your career to the present day. You can't afford to get this wrong, it must be one of your best interview answers, as the whole interview may then turn out to be a waste of time if you haven't prepared for it.

I would start with letting them know when I left my university (I would add my qualification in the same answer), then I would give them a summary of my career. But relevant one! The one that is of their interest avoid giving needless information. For example I am applying for Assistant HR Manager's post and I have been in any firm with a role in HRM/HRD, then I would quote that. As a matter of fact, I have been a teacher too. But I shall never start telling them that I have been a teacher too. It would be simply inviting more questions and more confusions. The KEY is to keep it simple but sensible.

Then do not rehearse things as if you have 'crammed' your answer.

Do not Start telling where were you born or your personal details if not asked.

If you want to start off by telling your name, you can. but the thing is they have your name with them and in most of the cases, they ask you a question "Mr. ABC, tell us about yourself?" So, do not prepare yourself with starting off by name.

So, I may answer this way;

"I passed out my (degree's title) back in (Fall/Spring/Summer 2010), I started my career by working as an HR Coordinator in so & so firm, later on I had an opportunity to work with so & so as a ---(position)" and go on add details sensibly.

but! its you who has to decide either position or firm's title has to be made significant.

Like, I worked a consultant's coordinator in ABC.


in case you worked in a reputable firm, I have an experience of working as an HR internee in Telenor/SchelumBerger/OGDCL etc.

(Let me know if I made it more confusing than it was to be)
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