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Originally Posted by TheUniter View Post
@Islah_G,Basitpasha and Hamza salick.
In response to your above posts i will not argue with you but i must say a few things. I welcome your criticism but before criticizing anyone,on should gauge state of mind in which someone asks you a question. If i alone gave the statement regarding response to girls only,then i would be responsible. But when many people say the same thing then one should take notice of that. One should see if there is something wrong. I got your response only after posting the same thing thrice. Should not then one get frustrated? It is not only this time but i and many other members have experienced this thing many times. People log onto this forum with a hope and consider this forum a replacement of academies. To say "no one is bound to reply" defies the claim that this forum is a replacement of academies.

Nevertheless if you are hurt by my statement then i am sorry for that. And i must thank you for your useful replies but a few questions still remain to be answered.

Infact , I'am sorry if my statement hurt you. i meant to say that * No one is bound to reply * but people will help you here gladly .

Sorry again.
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