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Well i do remember my university days in 2003 when musharaff came to jamshoro ..There he promised that if sindh has doubts about canals then we will change the design of Dam and we will not build any canal from Kalabagh dam .But it was his mind which changed not the design of Kalabagh dam.


Well, can’t say anything about it, coz I don’t have any idea that what were the rationales behind this strategy of Musharraf. If you please explain this I’ll be quite content.
Well, he promised that if Sindh has doubts about division of water and doubts about canals then there will be no canal from kalabagh Dam. Reason for building kalabagh dam was given as Electricity and storage of water.
Let em tell you no one in sindh is opposing dams but what will be the purpose of that dam . this si the question. If Govt: is building dams for electricity and storing of water then no one will oppose it . But for kalabagh dam problem is its Seven canals. If punjab giveup from canals then sindh will withdraw their points against KBD.
Qustion is do we need more area do be cultivated? do we have enough water for extra land to cultivate?
For me answer is no. we do not need to cultivate more area in punjab or in sindh but we(pakistan) has to improve its old agricultural canal system and improve water courses and banks. make the division of water proper for proper areas.
جيسين سر ۾ ساھ اٿم تيسين اَزادي تي ويساھ اٿم..

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