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Characteristics of growth and development
The term growth and development both refers to dynamic process. Often used interchangeably, these terms have different meanings. Growth and development are interdependent, interrelated process. Growth generally takes place during the first 20 years of life.; development continues after that.
1. Is physical change and increase in size.
2. It can be measured quantitatively.
3. Indicators of growth includes height, weight, bone size, and dentition.
4. Growth rates vary during different stages of growth and development.
5. The growth rate is rapid during the prenatal, neonatal, infancy and adolescent stages and slows during childhood.
6. Physical growth is minimal during adulthood.
1. Is an increase in the complexity of function and skill progression.
2. It is the capacity and skill of a person to adapt to the environment.
3. Development is the behavioral aspect of growth.
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