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Default My story of interview

Bhagwan Das:

Ist question from my job?
Why you shifted from natural to social sciences?
Why DMG?
Status of women in pakistan?
How to improve it?
Turkey France tussel?
Iran-china-US triangle?I don't know what was that?
Thoughts of western sociologists?

Gen Sab:

What is DMG?Its functions?
what if you are given the charge of EDO revenue? He asked that what will you do if you are asked to do an illegal transaction by a politician, being an EDO revenue what will you do,(and secondly how confrontation between politicians and DMG officers can be removed) to which I replied that we have an independant judiciary so many younf officers are tackling these king of pressures so i will also follow their path and if politicians and DMG officers work in their own domains all the systems can smoothly work.
How will you cope up with political pressure?
what is personality?They just ask me the definition of ''personality''.It was the single question from my optionals........
profile of my district? They are asking about native city or district to analyze that what kind of know how do we have about our surroundings and our own city.

Saud Gohar:

If foriegn countries solve all our problem, like energy crisis etc and ask us to give up our nuclear programme,should we give it up?
issue of new provinces?
Aman ki asha,MFN to india?is india trying to trap us? My stance on MFN was that it's a positive step and it should not be related or confused with kashmir despute and there was a lengthy discussion on many points were discussed.

A short and technical sort of interview,it was just of 22-25 minutes.All members are requested to pray for my good result.
what humbugs we r,who pretend to live for beauty and never see the dawn :)
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