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My interview of English Lecturer PPSC was at the PPSC Regional Office Rawalpindi on 9th January. I was 4th to be interviewed by 3 Subject Specialists and a member of PPSC. My interview started at 10:10 A.M.


I: May I come in Sir?

Member: Yes, please have a seat.

I: Thank you sir.

Member: I have noticed that you have lived all your life in Islamabad, all of your education is in Islamabad. Under what province does Islamabad falls administratively?

I: Sir, its Federal Capital, it is under Federal Government.

Member: What is FATA and which province deals with its affairs.

I: Sir, it is an acronym and the term is Federally Administered Tribal Areas so obviously it comes under the Federal Government and no province.

Member: Ok. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your educational qualification and work experience.

I: Told about my qualification and work experience and in the end told 'I AM DOING MPHIL ENG LINGUISTICS FROM NUML AS WELL AS FRENCH ONLINE DIPLOMA FROM AIOU'. (A tactic to lead the members to the area of my interest.)

Member: Ok... (To first Subject Specialist).... Sir he's all yours... (Smiling)

SS1: What is the practicality of Literature pertaining to the life?

I: (told about how I changed my field from Science to Literature - Also that I wouldn't talk bookish rather would share my own opinion - Literature talks about human emotions etc etc...)

SS1: What does appeal you about literature the most?

I: The fact that whatever I feel today was exactly thought and felt by an author who breathed in this world 3-4 hundred years ago. The fact that human thinking, emotions are not much different and people of different cultures can share similar ideas.

SS 1: What do yo like the most (an open challenge I reckon)? Novel, Drama, Poetry ???

I: Sir, I am most inspired by the Romantic Poetry.

SS 1: How would you describe association of ideas with perspective of Wordsworth?

I: (Didnt know, but made a statement about his perception of poetry, his idea of how is poetry composed, his observance of nature and afterwards molding the thoughts in words)

SS 1: Ok... (To SS2)... Sir?

SS2: Why are you doing French Diploma?

I: Sir, I have applied for HEC Overseas Scholarship and want to pursue my Doctorate in English Literature, Romantic Poetry, in France.

SS2: French words have been flooding into English Language. Do you know about any French words that are being borrowed by English language?

I: (Smiling) Sir, I am a student of Linguistics and can tell that nearly 50% of English words have French origin. French started influencing English language since 1066 after William I, The Conqueror, of Normandy subjugated England. French became the language of Elite class and English the language of Lower English Classes. From that time, the French words started entering into English. Examples are Rendezvous, Government, Army, Duke, Duchess, ....

SS2: bus bus bus... I asked one... What is meant by Rendezvous?

I: Sir, it means preplanned meeting at a specific place and time.

SS2: Can you tell me a French word that has been used widely in English?

I: Government?

SS2: No, its pronunciation is even the same...

I: Sorry sir.

SS2: Its restaurant. (He even pronounced French of it).

SS2: Can you tell me the difference between the Written French and spoken?

I: Sir there are a number of differences... For example, the gender of the person about whom the word is said also affects the pronunciation (I gave him the example of nationality) and also 'n' is nasalized and dropped at the end of the word...

SS2: What is the meaning of the word 'SANS'?

I: Sorry sir, I never heard of it.

SS2: Have you heard 'la belle dame sans merci'?

I: Oh yeah John Keats... (The SS3 made a laughing comment about it that I knew yet forgot)...

SS2: so what does it mean?

I: Sir The Woman Without Mercy...

SS2: No its the meaning of the whole phrase... What is meant by SANS?

I: Sir Without... (Smiling)

SS2: Yes.... Sans les mains means without hand ... Sans yeux means without eyes (he told a couple of terms more that I forgot)

SS2: Have you read Wordsworth?

I: Yes Sir I have.

SS2: Which poems?

I: Solitary Reaper, Lines Composed a Few Miles Above of Tintern Abbey, We are seven etc...

SS2: I will quote some lines from Wordsworth, you should be able to identify from which poem these are taken from...

I: Ok, sir.

SS2: Five years have past, five summers with the length of five winters, rolling from their mountain springs, with a soft inland murmur. (Maybe he wanted to check as to if I really have read the poems what I just told them)

I: Sir these are the opening lines of Tintern Abbey.

SS2: Consider you are to teach these lines to your class. How would you teach these?

I: Sir first of all I would presume that my class has been told already about the setting of this poem as well as about Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy Wordsworth. (From there I turned my face towards the Member PPSC, who was sitting directly face to face with me. The SSs were two on my left and one on my right side. While I 'taught' my class I didnt look towards the SSs.)

SS2: You know, in teaching we have a term called eye contact... You didnt see towards us.

I: Sir I thought I am in a class, standing on the dais and the students usually sit in front of the teacher not on sides (This made all of them to laugh)...

SS1: You were not standing but sitting... (laughed again)

SS2: Ok... (SS3)... To you sir.

SS3: What are the salient features of Victorian Novelists?

I: (Having a vague idea) sir they basically wrote about the suppressed lower and lower middle classes of England that were leading a miserable life due to the industrialization. They can be regarded as Social Novelists as hardy and dickens.

SS3: Have you read Hardy?

I: Sir The Return of the Native was in our course of M.A., but we did it in 10 days so it wasnt clear but a hotch potch.

SS3: Critics believe the Egdon Heath is a living character in Return of the Native. Do you agree?

I: (Confused)... I thoroughly agree sir. Setting has always played an important role in any genre of literature and specifically in Novel. The characters are shown to have similarities just like the environment they are living in... So it does appear that Egdon heath is a living character that is having a strong effect on the characters.

SS3: Ok.

Member: Thank you... You may go.

I: Thank you sir.


This was my interview... Took about 22 minutes. Do comment on it.

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