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Default MY interview on 13-1-12

Some questions that I remember
I entered at 12:30 PM
BD sb started

so you are a Kashmiri!
Discussed about My educational history. In fact he stated and I acknowledged.

*. what is difference between Public Administration and public Management? (My optional)
*. what is Pakistan's budget defect? Allocations?
*. Who has offered to bear the expenses of treatment of a Pakistani IT professional girl?
*. what is the name of girl? (I've IT background) chairman appreciated my answer as it was correct.
*. Who was Steve jobs?
*. His contribution?
*. Which country's x-COAS has been prosecuted? why? (My favorite personality was Recep Tayyip so it was related)
*. do you think Pakistan's nuclear assets are in safe hands? (A report came yesterday about it so that's why he asked this question)
*. what about recent survey about nuclear safety?(Charmain said good you are well prepared as i told about complete report)
*. What are gains and loses to become a front line state?
*. What has pakistan got and lost in this regard? discussion of couple of minutes.
*. Don't you think Talibans were knocking at Islamabad's door when Pakistan decided to join war on terror?
*. what do u know about Eiffel tower? when it was built?
*. Who is London's mayor? (it is a recent development regarding credit card issue)(I said sorry about Name but told the story of event)

Awais Mushtaq sb

*. you said(in psychological assessment) u do blogging to raise awareness. how do you do so? discussion went to memo-gate.
*. you said people have found new ways of torture in last decade. how?
*. what are national interest? how are these projected... a long discussion went onnnnnnn on this question.
*. In which area would u like to go as a foreign officer(FSP is my first preference)? why? again long discussion as I told about these countries i.e. Brazil, India and turkey, and reasons that took us to Kashmir issue.

Saud Gohar sb.

*. you said that you find it hard to say no to friends. If they ask you for favor and suppose you r a DMG officer?
*. Imran Khan, his popularity,his slogan of change, old faces.....
*. MFN status, is it good or bad?
*. Won't it put Kashmir issue on back foot?
*. What about money that has been shifted from Pakistan to foreign banks through illegal ways how can we bring it back? what UN says in this Regard?

This is it
time was 10 PM
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