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I can send it to u 2 all topics of vu sociology. one can find the topics on>Academic Programs-->Course Catalogue--> then write SOC in search course code/title. You will find following topics in VU notes:

SOC101 : Introduction to Sociology 03 Credit Hours
Course Content

The Origins of Sociology, The Sociological Perspective, Theoretical Paradigms, Sociology as Science, Steps in Sociological Investigation, Social Interaction, Social Groups, Formal Organizations, Culture, Socialization: Human Development, Understanding the Socialization Process, Agents of Socialization, Socialization and the Life Course, Social Control and Deviance, The Social Foundations of Deviance, Explanations of Crime, Social Distribution of Crime: Explanations, Social Stratification: Introduction and Significance, Theories of Class and Stratification, Social Class as Subculture, Social Mobility, The Family: Global Variety, Functions of Family, Family and Marriage in Transition, Gender: A Social Construction, Gender Socialization, Explanations of Gender Inequality, Functions of Schooling, Issues in Education, Population Study and Its Significance, Theory of Population Growth, Population Profile of Pakistan, Implications of Population Growth, Population policy, Environment and Society, Environmental Issues, Social Change, Causes of Social Change, Modernity and Post Modernity
Recommended Books/Material

* Sociology by Jhon. J. Macionis
* In Conflict and Order: Understanding Society. by Eitzen, Stanley D. and Mazine Baca Zinn
* Sociology by Anthony Giddens
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