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My Interview 09-02-2012 100 am
1. What does GD stands for in GD(P)
2. Spelling mistakes in per forma and you have studied from Beacon-house.
3. Why you wana join Police.
4. Give some other reason your are not from military you are from Air Force.
5. Ok, but as a pilot still you are in the front line any ways.
6 Tell some thing about Ecuador.
7 What are rain forests.
8 You have studied Aviation science physics bio chem all your optional are not related to you field you must gone to some academy.
9 Name the seismic zones in Pakistan.
10 What about Kashmir isnt it part of seismic zone.(I said there is a difference of 1 mountain b/w balakot and AJK.
11 Functions of DMG.
12. What are your future plans related commercial flying.
13. Why didn't you appear in 2010.
14. About my allocation in 2009. and his comments lolz.
1. Per forma related question to fathers weakness.
2. have you ever seen a police station.(No)
3. What is its set up any IDEA.
4. How can you improve police station working.
5. Why FIR is imp.
6. Financial condition of PAK.
7. Global Warming and rep ructions.
8. What the world is doing.
9. Any resent progress.(said abt Copenhagen confrence..he said any thing recent I said I have no clue than he told about Durban...bla bla)
10. KYOTO protocol.
11. Difference b/w treaty/convention/pact.(I said they are same things agreements but he was arguing).
12. IMF and PAK recent update and what about second phase of loan.
13 You have done MBA from IBA?
1. How many flying hours you have.
2. How will you rate your flying experiences.
3. How can one get CPL(commercial pilot license) what are the waivers that I will get.
4. Subjects of BSC aviation Sciences.
5. How shock wave is produced.(PHYSICS)
6. How is travels.
7. Whats is better com or fighter flying.
8. Why Concorde was grounded.
9. Aviation Policy of PAK.
10. Isn't it effecting our NATIONAL airline?.
11. Time zones of USA.
12. Number of presidents till date of USA?
(rem my sub was b.his not US hist).
13. Landing charges at Lahore and Karachi airports .LOLZ stupid question.

after the question of DMG functions he asked me who are collectors and what is revenue collection in DMG

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