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Originally Posted by mhmmdkashif View Post
Economic growth is directly proportional to activity of people seeking economic and career opportunities through fair means and political stability is directly proportional to people seeking to get in power and enforce some of their ideology, vision etc. As both Economic progress and Political stability require people's activities to be in a relative direction, economic growth is indirectly proportional to political stability (theory by me ). Har mulk main logun kee aksariat economic aur career opportunities ke peeche hee bhagti hai aur political activity buhut saare traditional, cultural yaa religious compromises ke tahat qaim hui hoti hai laikin hamare haan masla yeh hai ke hamare pass is tarah ke traditional yaa cultural yahan tak ke religious compromises tak kaa wajood nahin hai aur sone pe suhaga yeh ke hamara mulk aik zarai mulk hai jis kee economy logun kee majority ko economic aur career opportunities nahin deti. isi waja se logun kee majority siasat main aake apne liye economic opportunities talash karti hai aur ultimately siasat kisi nazriye ke tahat chalne ke bajaye hamare mulk main aik economic resource kee haisiat ikhtiar kar chuki hai (jis kaa sab se bara saboot mulk main hone waali corruption hai jis kaa kisi na kisi tarah se link siasat se milta hai). yeh practice mulk ke qaim hone ke waqt se jaari rehne kee waja se logun ke zehno main itni deep beth chuki hai filhal hamari samajh main nahin aata ke is se nikla kaise jaaye (another theory by me ).
ur both theories are not understandable by me..........
your 1st 1 ..........ecnomic stability = constant 1/political stability..........if your government is not political stable will foriegn investors come?

2nd pass 10 feet above my mind..............


Originally Posted by mjkhan View Post
Judge yourself:

The eraz in which PAK progressed the most in terms of economy were the eraz of General ayub and Genral Musharaf.please tell instead of mobile companies what other ecnomic progress in pakistan in musharaf regin?
dont forget the period of yahya khan while discusing marshal laws.......mushraf is no good for us i think


Because the world knew that Marshall laws in PAK are long term and hence alternatively it means continuance of economic policies laid down by the govt.As a result of this FDI and DDI(domestic direct investment) increased.

On the other hand democratic govt. in our countries dont survive for much longer.Moreover discontinuing the policies of previous democratic govt. by the newly elected govt. is a common norm in PAK.All this lead towards political instability and hence low level of growth.
this government complete its four years and moving forward so in this regard what is problem? so i think this totally false to say that democratic governments are unstable and they dont bring ecnomic progress.........i mentioned in my post three imp ecnomic contracts of present Govt ...........i think it will leads to ecnomic progress

It is almost impossible for an economy to swing at its full potential without political stability.
i agree .........but do you think still more steps are needed for stability? and whats that?

note:presently even the PAKI investors have shifted there money outside PAK or have stop investing.Most of the problems that investors are facing are directly or indirectly because of political instability.
i think political situation sa zayada energy short fall and rise of labour prices ha is ki reason

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