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to all those calling it halwa and very very very easy paper don`t b so optimistic they hav nt started the checking yet

well i mostly concentrated on causes and consequence and wrote very little abt remedies and history.was it a write thing to do ?
nyway my outline

( 1) introduction
  • energy crisis effecting everyone
  • few examples
  • current scenario
  • it didnt emerge suddenly
  • was perceived by the experts
  • but no action
2) Causes
  • lack of planning
  • short sightedness
  • political motives
  • poor management
  • wastage of natural resources
  • differences among provinces
  • no clear formula for distribution
3) Consequences
  • Effect on economy
    • industrial collapse
    • industries unable to meet export orders
    • decrease in FD1
    • impact on transport
    • increase in inflation
    • increase in trade deficit
  • Effect on Society
    • public unrest
    • increase in frustration
    • impact on education
    • increase in public anger
  • political effects
  • impact on administration
  • increase budget for mega projects
    construction of new dams
    proper utilization of resources
    social awareness
    increase harmony among provinces
    energy saving
    proper distribution

but wrote very little on remedies and conclusion so guys please tell me that i have passed this paper
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