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Assalam o Alaikum again folks,

Let me now make the study of Islamic History easy for you .. We'll discuss the topics or portions of Islamic History to be covered for a Boom-Boom paper ..

Part one of the subject deals with the following topics:

1- World at the advent of Islam

You need a brief study of the social, political, religious and economic aspects of the world at the time of advent of Islam .. You need not to study this topic in much detail, rather bullet points and understanding would do the work .. However, do add some quotes from the renowned books .. It is a frequently asked question and covering this means having covered 20 marks paper.

2- Major incidents of the life of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H

This is where your in depth study should start from. Topics in this portion are the Call (Revelation), early difficulties of Prophet P.B.U.H, Taif visit, Oaths of Aqaba, Hijrah (Migration), Pact of Madina, Battles like Badr, Ohad, Ahzab, Conquest of Makkah, Khyber and Hawazin, Role of Jews .. After you have covered these topics you'll have sufficient knowledge InshaAllah to answer questions like:
Administration policy of the Prophet P.B.U.H, Prophet as a Judge, Him as a Peacemaker, Political social and economic revolutions brought by the Prophet P.B.U.H and other analytic questions.

A proper study of this portion will ensure covering another 20 or even in some cases 40 marks paper.

3- Khulfa e Rashideen
Khulfa e Rashideen or the Rightly guided Caliphs portion includes the lives and works of Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A, Hazrat Umar R.A, Hazrat Usman R.A and Hazrat Ali R.A .. You'll need to study their elections, conquests during their times, their administration policy, difficulties they faced and problems arisen within Islamic society during their times .. Cover these and you get another 20 marks covered ..

4- Umayyads and Abbassids
Under these topics you need to cover some personalities like Abdul Malik bin Marwan, Walid Bin Abdul Malik and Umar Bin Abdul Azeez .. You need to cover their administrative policy and the reforms they brought .. While in Abbassids you need to cover the scientific, philosophical and educational boom of the Muslims under Abbassids .. This is an important topic, especially the Abbassid part, as it is interlinked with the overall revolution brought by the Muslims. One or even two questions are always expected from this portion of Islamic History and it may even be asked in Paper 2 ..

5- Ottoman Empire
The documentary I mentioned above named 'Islam - The Empire of Faith' has part two entirely focused on the Ottoman Empire .. It is also a two-fold topic and can be asked in Part 2 as well .. I skipped this topic during my preparation but I would suggest you to cover it .. The exam trend has changed and selective study seems to be strongly discouraged by the examiners ..

So folks, above is the whole Islamic History Part 1 mentioned for you .. If you cover these topics you'll be able to answer all 7 questions in exam InshaAllah and even the objective portion .. You can of course pick and choose the topics for a speedy coverage of the syllabus but I would recommend you to go through all the syllabus .. A dedicated and focused study routine will enable you to cover Part 1 in 10 or 15 days at most ..

Paper 2 and other points to cover and attempt Islamic History well enough will follow soon InshaAllah .. Any queries will be welcomed ..

Regards ..
You Have To Keep Breaking Your Heart Until It Opens .. !! Rumi ..
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