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My interview was on 26th . My number was 9th . It was a nice experience . It lasted for 26 minutes.
I entered the room . I greeted the panel and was offered chair . Rana Sahb started in his low voice .
B. D.
    • So You are Mr. Tassawur , you have Masters in English Literature and You are From district Mandi Bahauddin .
    • Gentleman ! Why Mandi Bahauddin is called Mandi Bahauddin .
    • Who was BahaUddin .
    • why Mandi .
    • Major crops of Your District .
    • Besides agricultues any other major source of income of your area's people .
    • You did your Masters in Literature as regular student , Am I right and Fsc as well. Why you did you graduation as a private candidate? (I expalined how owing to my health problems , Tonsels operation , I had to quit hostel as well as regular study)
    • At this very moment it started azan. i ws aked to stop.
    • Then after azan , rana sahb started from here again.
    • What was the incident in Japan in 2011 of importance .
    • Why fochoshima incident happened .
    • What was the number of casualities .
    • President of Iran and Supreme Commander of Iran are not on same pages . Isn't it so .
    • What's the rift between them .
    • Who was sacked ?
    • What's the constitutional position of supreme commander .
    • You have Arabic as you optional , translate these . Four Ayats were recited ny rana sahb, one after the other for translation .
    • Gentleman you have mention the name of your favourite book . Pakistan's Foreign Policy Escaping India . What's this escaping India .
Then Rana Sahb gave the charge to Saud Gohar Sahb .
  • What are Falkland Mountains .
  • What is their current situation .
  • Why police .
  • What's the difference between Warrant and Summon .
  • What were the impacts of India Centriac foreign Policy of Pakistan .
  • What we gained from India Centric Foreign Policy .
  • Is it needed to be pursued anymore ?
  • Impacts of this policy on Economy .

Then Saud Gohar gave the Gun in the hands of Muhammad Mian Sahb .
  • Gentleman what is Classical Literature .
  • What Is romanticism .
  • What was Elezbeethan Era .
  • Are Wordsworth and Coleridge Elezbethan poets ?
  • Weren't they contemporary ?
  • What's the difference between the two .
  • What are modern movements in literature .
  • What is supernaturalism and Naturalism .
  • What is imagery .
  • What the age of novel ?
  • Any lovelist . Ok some novels of Dickens.
  • What's the theme of Take of two cities .
  • A movement which was started having inspired from this novel .
  • What are the majors areas which take most of Budget expenditure .
  • What are the indicators of the health of Economy .
  • What is Tax to GDP Ratio .
  • What is it in Pakistan .
  • How much It should be .
  • How many tax payers arethere in Pakistan .
This was the all about my honor of going in front of that prestigious panel .

I request all of you to pray for me.
Thanks Allah
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