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My interview was conducted on the 18th and it was a disaster of epic proportions (ironically it was a piece of cake compared to what the candidates here had to go through). Never the less, hereís what the asked me.

Mr. Bhagwan Daas:

- Introduced me and then asked me the reason I wanted to shift from medical to foreign service
- Asked me why the maddrassas are creating jihadiís (or something of that sort..anyways I gave a vague answer)
- Asked me whether religion should play a role in the state law/affairs (I said Ďyesí and that it is inevitable because we are living in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
- Talked about my psychological performa and why I attributed negative qualities to the youth (I said I didnít remember what I wrote). Said that my grammar and vocabulary is good but my writing is awful and that I need to improve my handwriting (I said itís too late for that now sir). Also was a bit peeved at why I wrote in my father and uncleís designation in the near relatives details (I said Iím sorry and I didnít know and he said that you should know if youíre going to join foreign service).
- Asked me about the global zero
- UN organisations and whether UN was a successful or not?
- Whether army should be removed from siachein
- Suez Canal and the strait of Homruz and whether Iran will go through with its threats
- Asked me which country I would like to be assigned to if Iím selected to foreign service ( I said America and he asked why to which I reply because thatís where the action is (how lame))
- Asked me which countries I have been to
- Asked me about diplomatic immunity
- Asked me about the decisions made in the BRICS summit
- Asked me about the energy crisis in detail (my dad was in WAPDA)

Mr Saud Gohar:

- Pakistan says that it has championed the cause of muslim ummah do you agree
- Difference between white collar and corporate crime
- X and Y theory of management
- Why china is devaluing its currency (I was right yet he said that I was way off)
- New hydal projects
- Gomal zam river/ dam

Mr Ahmed Mian:

- The doctor patient ratio in Pakistan
- GDP allocation to health
- Conflict theory
- Inverted pyramid in journalism
- First printing press in the subcontinent
- Leadership styles
- Was PEMRA able to regulate the media
- Devolution and health sector

I think I may have set a record of chanting ďIím sorry sirĒ in 30 mins. Once Mr. Bhagwan Daasís turn was over he acted completely disinterested in the rest of my viva (although his was the part that I did good in). The panel seemed completely disinterested in me (there were no warm vibes of any sort although I did manage to make Mr Bhagwan Daas smile on 2 occasions). Anyways, Iím just hoping they like my personality or maybe pay more focus to my excellent communication skills (even if I do say so myself). Iím just glad that its over and that I would NEVER have to read a newspaper again.
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