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Originally Posted by abdul.rauf View Post
Attn: Nasr Khan
Congratulations on your success. Any idea about first three choices of Taha Saleem, Ayesha Saleem Malik and Syed Raza Naqvi (3rd, 4th and 5th in Sindh-U respectively)?
As Nasrullah has already mentioned about my 1st 3 preferences. But Im also looking for Ayesha Salim Malik's first three preferences

to confirm Nasr statement here are my preferences
2nd PSP
3rd FSP

Originally Posted by tahasaleem View Post
Well it means above me 1 has PSP and 2nd has DMG, so if there are 3 seats in DMG (7.6% of 40) 1 will go to women, then it seems i can get one out of the 2 as the topper is going for PSP. What do you think?
Dont worry my friend Taha
You are through to DMG Inshallah

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