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Originally Posted by RabiaAfzal View Post
sir please comment that wether PAAS is better or MLCG.?
what is the designation of fresh recruits in PAAS? i mean what are they called?
do all PAAS officers get OPS(own pay scale) promotion or only a few selected ones?
what isthe total pay of PAAS officers in BS 17?
i will be greatfull if you answer these queries.
Even 30th CTP of PAAS have been given OPS promotion into grade 19 and they are now directors. All get OPS promotion, turn by turn, meaning the senior u r, the earlier u get it.

if posted to audit, they r called assistant directors and assistant accountant general/assistant controller etc if posted to accounts.

facilities wise, MLCG is better than PAAS but promotions r faster in PAAS.

I think the total take home salary after completion of training will be somewhere around 32/33 thousand

Originally Posted by umar riaz View Post
i personally think IRS is much better then PAAS, as it follows a proper bureaucratic structure.. anyhow i agree with Sajjad Shb, that this forum is meant for the encouragement of aspirants and hence such posts should be checked..
Such posts should not be checked. Everyone is entitled to his view and should be allowed to share it as long as its not vulgar. Aim is to acquaint the aspirants with the reaqlity, not with unreasonable optimism.

However, PAAS is going through times of trial but it has been successful so far. We have recently won a case against the promotees and now even 30 CTP guys have reached grade 19.
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