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Default ISLAMIAT:Take Part & get prepared for CE13

Take Part and get prepared (Islamiat) here exclusively for CSS-2013

Salam to all members......

After attempting Pakistan Affair's questions. We have really improved a lot. Therefore, now I have started this vital thread for Islamiat. Shakeel, Alikhoso(hashmat), Fassi, PeralyS, Peral, shahreena, tobabar and other members are highly requested to take part in this thread like Pak Aff.

I am sure inshALLAH this thread also will be benificial for Islamiat like Pak Affairs' paper. In my case, this is the most important and vital thread for CSS. Because, like essay paper most of the candidates become fail in Islamiat. Therefore, we have to do hard work in this paper(Islamiat) as much as we can...

1-We have to attempt one question on the daily basis similarly like Pakistan Affairs inshALLAH.

2-One question has 16 Marks according to the CSS trend.

3-Try to attempt with outlines, ashar, saying, quotations, aya, as much as you can. It will be highly appreciated and also marking.

4-InshALLAH We will be attempting our questions according to the CSS syllabus and past papers in ordering way.

5-All members are requested to mark the questions critically, in this regard Pearly, Alikhoso ,PearlyS and shahreena have been doing outstanding contribution selflessly. Also, I request them to take part fully as much as they can because Islamiat is the most important paper for CSS like essay. However, the errors, mistakes will be pointing out by our members..

6-We have to cover whole Islamiat's sallabus according to Past Papers and also members are requested to share their questions for upcoming attempt(CE-13) in order to attempt here with different minds and different styles.

So, dearest members especially active members I wish you very best of Luck for this Islamiat paper attempting. I am sure inshALLAH you will be attempting outstandingly like Pakistan Affairs.

Wish you All the very Best...



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