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Q:1- What are the basic/fundamental problems of Human life and also explain their solutions?(NB-CSS2013)(16 Marks)

By human nature, there are some questions which have outstanding importance and are highly required to get them solved i.e. Who has created this universe? Why the universe has been created? Who has created it? What is the purpose of Man creation? Has man any relationship with his Creator? What is the end of this universe and What will be the life after death? Will it be another world? These are the basic questions since the advancement of human’s life, and these sorts of questions have been hurdles before its prosperity and soul? Therefore, Science, Philosophy and religion have answered these sorts of problems.

Basic Problems of Human Life and Science
Science has tried its best to answer the above questions in order to solve these fundamental problems. However, science has not touched the human soul. Undoubtedly, science has going into the cell and has elaborated it into many particles but has not given the answer of solution. Science has also not answered that Why this universe has been created. Rather, It has been said that the universe came into being owing to an explosion i.e. Big Bang theory. On the other hand, science has reached to the other planets even man has paced on the moon but they have not answered that how this universe came and what is the puppies of this universe. Besides, Science is silent regarding life after death. Science has not given the crystal clear answer about the life and its importance and its end. Therefore, it can be said that Science has provided nearly each an every thing which is based on observation and experiment. But, it has not solved the basic problems of human life which are also related to the human soul. Therefore, let us to find the solution to somewhere else.

Basic Problems of Human Life and Philosophy

Philosophy is the second one source which has tried its best to answer these sorts of question. But the questions have not been solved so far with satisfactory by its philosophies and theories. According to philosopher this universe was come into exist owing to a sudden clash. It was the philosopher whose name was Democritus, he further said that the universe was came accidentally and there is no purpose of this universe creation. However, according to science and other sources it has been crystal clear that every thing has its own importance of its existence in this universe. In this connection any thing can be taken for an instance, for example seas, mountains, moon, the sun have own importance and they provide us their fruitful service. Seas provide fishes, diamonds, diverse living species and also the root for our boats. The mountains give us the coal, iron, stone, minerals and also diverse things which have been immensely beneficial for human’s life. Similarly, the Sun provides solar energy which is beneficial for plants, human and animals for getting diverse energies in order to get their lives alive. Therefore, his philosophy becomes after these concrete evidences. However, on the other hand socrate, plato and aristotle gave their own analysis and philosophies for the creation of universe and the purpose of this universe as well. But, their philosophies based on their own analysis. According to their philosophies there are many things which would have been proven wrong, which had given by them. In their time it was considered that the earth was not round and spherical but it would have been wrong after the advancement of science. It can be conclude the philosophy has also not given the solution of the fundamental problems of the human life.

Basic Problems of Human Life and Religion
Religion is the prime source which has solved these complicated problems exclusively. Religion gives the concept of this universe and its existence. Besides, religion teaches the human being that the human has to spend his life according to a certain code of conduct. If some one does wrong deeds, he will be punished and if he does good deeds then he will surly be rewarded by his Creator what is called in the different religions in different names. However, the religion also provides the crystal clear solution regarding this materialistic world and life after death. Therefore, after getting solved these sorts of problems by religions, the human being has been in peace and has got prosperity to the great extend and spirituality for spending his life according to a certain religions. In this regard, religion has provided for a code of life-both worldly and spiritual. In this regards, the Islam has an outstanding significance because it is the true deen which provide each an every thing for human life and its way of life. That’s why it is called Islam is the complete code of life, Islam based on Wahy/revelation which came through the Prophets in different occisaon. However, our last Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Who is the messenger of ALLAH and gave us the complete deen e Islam. So, it is the best source and has sovled the basic problem of human life. One must has to spend his/her life according to Quran and Hadith, because it is the true way of life and it gives the peace spiritually. In the last sermon of the Holy Prophet (SAW) said that He has provided us the complete code of life in order to spend our life, no doubt it is the divine source and it is the complete way of life and it is the solution of humna’s fundamental or basic problems. Therefore, there are many relegions, but among them deen e Islam has an outstanding importance and it is the true deen and solves the all basic problems which have not been solved by the other religions exclusively.


To the conclude, the religion is the best solution of all the said problems, because it provides each an every thing i.e. solution of the universe, about its creation, regarding human being’s life and its importance as well its purpose and concerning the end of life and after death what will be happened means every thing even provides the notion about the relationship among the Creator and creations. No doubt every religion has provided nearly same way of life in order to spend ones life but in different beliefs, for example in Hinduism or in Christianity or similar in other so-called religions a person who commits bad deeds he/she will be punished after his/her death during the day of his/her judgement, similarly as the same case with Islam, but the difference is that Islam is the complete code of life and based on concrete and crystal clear sense which can not be get wronged, in this regard the Quran and Hadith are the excellent sources. No one can point out even a mere mistake from them. However, Philosophy, Science have been failed to solve the basic problems of human life and the religion is the prime source and has solved the fundamental problems of human life in all perspective.

All active members (shakeel, fassi, pearlyS, pearly13, alikhoso(hashmat) shahreena and other members are highly requested to start attempting your answers and criticize and point out my attempt as much as you can it would be highly appreciated......



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