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Hi all. I am going to share with you major questions FPSC asked one of my friends from Isl:

First they received the aspirant in a warm atmosphere and just after one minute, it all started like this:

Chairman: Tell us about your degree first and about your experience at QAUI? (my friend did her MSc in IR).
2. Why you studied IR, whereas mostly girls are interested in Literature and humanities? what did you learn out of IR?
3. What to do about regionalism in QAUI?
4. Ok tell us, whats wrong with foreign policy of Pakistan? and who is responsible ?
5. What Hans J Morgenthau says about Foreign policy and how it should be drafted? please what advice will you give to Foreign office of Pak on recent LOC issue after reading Morgenthau?
6. How to play good in Afghanistan?
7. whats future scope for Pak in EU?
8. Why you opted for Punjabi? Tell us about Kaido. Hero or Villain?
9. Whats Canyons?
10. How do you see political cliff in Pakistan? Can it affect 2014 and post 2014?

Second Member:
11. Why you want to join Foreign Service? will your parents allow you to live abroad alone? Do you see any future in FS for women?
12. What will you do if you are elected as PM of Pak in 2013 elections?
13. Whats gender mainstreaming? How it can be done? ca it help avoiding Mumbai like incidents?
14. Will situation escalate with India? Is war possible? Will you use your nukes if attacked?
15. How do you see Jap-China island issue? whats US stance on it? what Pakistan should do?

Madam Batool:
16. What are the recent pieces of legislation which give protection to women right in Pak?
17. What percentage of women, children and minorities have to suffer the social and political stigmas?
18. Who is you favorite woman hero from Pak movement?
19. what are scheduled banks?

The rest she forgot. Since her degree was in IR, she says she did well in interview.

Take Care.
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