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Default Chemistry Papers CE- 2013




Q No. 2

a)What are engineering Ceramics? Describe the raw material used in making classic ceramics products. (08)

b) How Urea is manufactured on commercial scale? Support with schematic diagram. (08)

c) In what respect does inner orbital complex differ from outer orbital complex? (04)

Q No 3

a) Describe the oxy-acids of chlorine? (06)

b) Describe what is meant by silane and silanol? What is their role in preparation of Silicons. (08)

c) Define the following type of processes (06)
i) Iso-thermal
ii) Adiabatic
iii) Iso-choric
iv) Isobaric

Q No. 4

a) How CFT and MOT account for the fact that [CoF6]^-3 is para-magnetic but [Co(NH)3]^3+ is dia-magnetic? (06)

b) Discuss crystal field splitting in complexes having different geometries? (08)

c) What are the raw materials in production of calcium super-phosphate and cement? (06)

Q No 5

a) Derive Schrodinger wave equation and calculate the energy of the particle in one dimensional box having length @. (14)

b) What are the hazardous effects of Acid rain and Global Warming on Plants? (06)

Q No. 6

a) How Debye-Huckle theory is applied to determine activity and activity coefficient for strong electrolytes? (12)

b) How Standard electrode potential is measured? (06)

c) What is De-Broglie hypothesis? (02)

Q No. 7

a) How chlorine is produced on industrial scale? (08)

b) How Werner's Theory explains the structure of coordination compounds?(08)

c) Why ozone layer exists at certain altitude? (04)

Q No 8

a) Give application of chelates in biological and analytical systems? (04)

b) What are advantages of semiconductor devices? (04)

c) Derive mathematical form of Clausius - Clapeyron equation? (12)
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