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Arrow An Analysis of the Paper

Nomenclature 25 Marks 31% of the paper
General Chemistry 6 Marks (Reaction Types)

Portion wise

Theory of Chemical Bonding 10 Marks (It had a major role earlier)

Kinetics 10 Marks

Carbonyls 14 Marks (Conversions from Alkynes, FC etc)

Natural Products 20

Industrial Org Chem 20

Unexpectedly, Colloids have been asked in Paper-II. Luminescence, Colloids have been asked which is a bit over-stepping from course as the course is already too lengthy.

No question form Organic Halogens, Aromatics,Nitrogen Compounds. Also Main portions of big chapters of course which eat alots of time of the students to prepare have been altogether missed or given very few percentage.

The paper setter made it look like M/Phil Paper. Even M.Phil Organic Chemistry Student cannot prepare so much for one paper.

In MSc/M.Phil, you have to take 4 or 5 papers after each 6 months. So much is not asked in one papers and still FPSC is trying to play hide and seek. Objection is not that the paper is difficult It should justify course at least.

The problem with Sciences in CSS is that they sometime make a peace of cake and then they realize oh was too easy and then next time a bomb is dropped by upsetting everyone. FPSC got the right to test the people but this is a bit unfare.

Even the Chemistry Lecturers donot face such tight papers where the examiner has resorted to play in the corners instead of asking the questions as they should be asked. Seems as if the papers are being made to kill. Candidate finds no way to save the paper. The examiner made 70% paper from 2-3 portion of syllabus and leaving everything behind. Such a paper favors those who by chance have grip on these 2-3 chapters and one who has done everything except these two, then he would be the most awkward person on earth during the paper. This trend is injustice.

Even the examiner gave nomenclature of compounds with more than 10 carbons and atleast 5 such molcules. So he was either favoring or killing. There are so many functional groups, at leats one from each but he would stick to one or two the paper was Peace of Cake for those who knew it and a hell for those who prepared all but left last two portions.
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