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Originally Posted by Roshan wadhwani View Post
My Interview Took Place On 6th March 2013: We were 15 candidates and I was at last num!!

My reporting time was 11 pm so I reached well in time and after that it was a long wait for me because my turn came at 4.30pm!!

I entered into room and greeted all the members with smile! Then interview started

Chairman: Which District are you from?
-What is your District famous for?
-You did B.SC and Then M.A! Why such turn from Science subjects to literature?
-You had been teaching?
-It was NGO or private school?
-So you are not teaching now, what are you doing these days! (My answer was only CSS, CSS and CSS, here chairman sahib passed a big smile and appreciate me saying good dedication!)

Then he handed over to another member

Member2: An MNA Ramesh Lal had given some fund in your district for the construction of a bridge for your religious place, so whatís its status is it completed or not?
-What is amount of gas produced from Qadirpur Gas Field?
-Any Oil field found in your district?
-What are the causes of energy crisis?
-What about Diamer Bhasha Dam, whatís its capacity for electricity production?Tarbella Dam? Mangla Dam?
-Where in Sindh wind power plant installed? Its capacity?
-One que was from Sindhi (my optional)

Then he thanked and handed to MAM

Mam: You have mentioned net surfing as ur hobby, so what u surf on net?
-What about social networking?
-Have you done any social work?(I have operated a welfare association)
-What work did u do through Association? Any benefits?
-Did you get any funds?
-Do you have any hindrance in your life due to problem you facing?(she appreciated my answer here)

Then she thanked and passed to 4th member

Member 4: In Pakistan Social infrastructure is poor, there is lack of funds, so what could be the role of NGOs?
-What are the problems of Minorities?(I was appreciated on my Ans)
-So why media is reporting that there is mass migration from Hindus?
-Have u ever faced intolerance from Muslims at your city level?
-In our society intolerance is increasing day by day so what do think? Will we able to shun it your opinion?

Then he thanked me and passed to 5th member

Member5: He asked me 2 or 3 question regarding use of social networking and how could we make good use of it?
-You said that u didnít have aptitude/interest for literature so why did you opt for it?
-What is difference between Renaissance and Elizabethan period?
-Any notable literary figure of this period?
-Shakespeareís famous works?
-Any of his tragedy?
-What are the characteristics of Shakespearean tragedy?
-What is Kashmir Issue?
-What could be its possible solution?
-What are other available options for its solution?
-Why it hasnít been resolved so far? How could it be resolved?

It was last question from me and all thanked me and wished me nice day! I also Thanked all the members and left the room!

This was all about my interview!

Hoping For The Best!!
It was a fine interview brother.Very good luck and do share the answers you gave for our learning.
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