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SCN− - thiocyanate

SF4 - sulfur tetrafluoride

SF6 - sulfur hexafluoride

SOF2 - thionyl difluoride

SO2 - sulfur dioxide

SO2Cl2 - sulfuryl chloride

SO2F2 - sulfuryl difluoride

SO2OOH− - peroxymonosulfurous acid (aqueous)

SO3 - sulfur trioxide

SO32− - sulfite ion

SO42− - sulfate ion

S2Br2 - sulfur(II) bromide

S2O32− - thiosulfate ion

S2O72− - disulfate ion

SbBr3 - antimony(III) bromide

SbCl3 - antimony(III) chloride

SbCl5 - antimony(V) chloride

SbI3 - antimony(III) iodide

SbPO4 - antimony(III) phosphate

Sb2OS2 - antimony oxysulfide (kermesite)

Sb2O3 - antimony(III) oxide

Sb2O5 - antimony(V) oxide

Sb2S3 - antimony(III) sulfide

Sb2Se3 - antimony(III) selenide

Sb2Se5 - antimony(V) selenide

Sb2Te3 - antimony(III) telluride

Sc2O3 - scandium oxide (scandia)

SeBr4 - selenium(IV) bromide

SeCl - selenium(I) chloride

SeCl4 - selenium(IV) chloride

SeOCl2 - selenium(IV) oxychloride

SeOF2 - selenyl difluoride

SeO2 - selenium(IV) oxide

SeO42− - selenate ion

SeTe - selenium(IV) telluride

SiBr4 - silicon(IV) bromide

SiC - silicon carbide

SiCl4 - silicon(IV) chloride

SiH4 - silane

SiI4 - silicon(IV) iodide

SiO2 - silicon(IV) oxide (silica, quartz)

SiO44− - silicate ion

Si2O76− - disilicate ion

Si3N4 - silicon nitride

Si6O1812− - cyclosilicate ion

SnBrCl3 - tin(IV) bromotrichloride

SnBr2 - tin(II) bromide

SnBr2Cl2 - tin(IV) dibromodichloride

SnBr3Cl - tin(IV) tribromochloride

SnBr4 - tin(IV) bromide

SnCl2 - tin(II) chloride

SnCl2I2 - tin(IV) dichlorodiiodide

SnCl4 - tin(IV) chloride

Sn(CrO4)2 - tin(IV) chromate

SnI4 - tin(IV) iodide

SnO2 - tin(IV) oxide

SnO32− - stannate ion

SnS - tin(II) sulfide

SnS2 - tin(IV) sulfide

Sn(SO4)22H2O - tin(IV) sulfate - dihydrate

SnSe - tin(II) selenide

SnSe2 - tin(IV) selenide

SnTe - tin(II) telluride

SnTe4 - tin(IV) telluride

Sn(VO3)2 - tin(II) metavanadate

Sn3Sb4 - tin(IV) antimonide

SrBr2 - strontium bromide

SrBr26H2O - strontium bromide - hexahydrate

SrCO3 - strontium carbonate

SrC2O4 - strontium oxalate

SrF2 - strontium fluoride

SrI2 - strontium iodide

SrI26H2O - strontium iodide - hexahydrate

Sr(MnO4)2 - strontium permanganate

SrMoO4 - strontium orthomolybdate

Sr(NbO3)2 - strontium metaniobate

SrO - strontium oxide

SrSeO3 - strontium selenite

SrSeO4 - strontium selenate

SrTeO3 - strontium tellurite

SrTeO4 - strontium tellurate

SrTiO3 - strontium metatitanate
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